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RIVERSIDE, Calif., July 3, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ingen Technologies, Inc. (OTC Pink:IGNT) announces that the UK based Topout Oxygeneering Ltd continues to build their high altitude oxygen systems using Ingen's Oxyview oxygen flow meter with the patented design for gravity-independent monitoring of oxygen flow. Ingen delivered another 60 units this week.

Ingen continues to make positive advances with their medical division and the new telecom division. An increase in revenues and decrease in debts has allowed Ingen to expand nicely in a diversity of medical and telecom markets. The company is now preparing for a dividend program for its shareholders.

This new high altitude oxygen delivery system has been designed and developed by Topout's CEO, Ted Atkins, while climbing Mount Everest. "The system was designed and has been built specifically for climbing Everest using aerospace standards that I employed with the RAF. This is the only system built specifically for climbing Everest by an aerosystems engineer who has climbed Everest in the process of testing the prototype. No other system has this pedigree. If a gasp for extra breath is made there is reservoir capacity to cope with a bulk delivery. You can watch it working, confirming O2 delivery. The system is 'tuneable'. In that the reservoir must not be allowed to completely fill or remain full. If it does O2 will be spilling past the valve into the mask while exhaling; perfectly safe, but wasteful," said Ted Atkins.

Ingen's Oxyview oxygen flow meter is the choice device for monitoring oxygen flow. Oxyview is endorsed by the leading foundations in respiratory care, including the COPD Foundation and the National Home Oxygen Patient Association.

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