Who’ll Benefit: Rising Yield Curve

Financial institutions could be seeing a lift in their stock prices, BTIG's Dan Greenhaus said Friday.

"It's not just higher interest rates that are good for banks," he said. "It's a steepening of the curve that is generally good for interest rates because – obviously, '94, just to return off the top of my head here, that was a terrible time to be in banks, obviously, though interest rates were moving higher. What you want to see is a continuation of the yield curve steepening, which all else equal, is probably good for the banks."

On CNBC's "Fast Money," Greenhaus named two stocks that were poised to benefit.

"In particular, we think CNO Financial and The Bancorp, TBBK, are two areas that investors might want to look at with respect to being positively impacted by higher rates," he said.

Greenhaus reiterated his February call that the run in home builders had run its course.

"I don't think that the rise in interest rates is going to kill the housing recovery necessarily, but neither do I think that all else equal, I'd rather have a 5 percent mortgage rate than a 3 percent mortgage rate," he added.

Ahead of earnings season and the September meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee, Greenhaus backed a cautious stance.

"You really don't have too much information about what the back half of the year is going to look like," he said. "So, we favor waiting, as opposed to piling in here."

Earnings guidance was "crucially important," he said, adding that it was still too early to judge the impact of rising interest rates.

"But I think, looking historically, from a top-down standpoint, there's two clear winners and losers with respect to rapid rises in interest rates," he added.

In such an environment, "utilities almost always do terribly, and it's not a surprise to us at all that they're doing terribly now," Greenhaus said.

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On the flip side, rising rates have usually helped technology.

"And interestingly, I don't think people realize this, during the '94 bond massacre, which had the stock market down for the year, tech was the best performing sector," he said. "It was up something like 16 percent for the year, which obviously had you been exposed there, you were quite happy with what was a pretty terrible time to invest."

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