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MATAWAN, N.J., July 7, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- An Old Bridge chiropractor has announced a summer-long contest for his patients. Dr. Peter Bufano of Old Bridge Spine & Wellness Center states that his clinic will award prizes to individuals who refer others for chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy or other natural healing techniques. "We want area residents to feel as excited about receiving these services as we are about providing them, so we are offering this extra incentive to make their summer that much healthier," says Dr. Bufano.

Individuals may enter the summer contest by referring a patient to the clinic for evaluation or treatment. One winner's name will be posted on the clinic's Facebook page at the end of each month during the summer. Possible winnings range from a free one-hour massage therapy session to an iPad to tickets to local sporting events.

Dr. Bufano expresses the hope that people who have suffered from nagging aches and pains will discover the many benefits of chiropractic treatment in this manner. "If you know someone who might benefit from the chiropractic care, physical therapy or massage services we offer at Old Bridge Spine & Wellness, you are doing a great thing for that person by referring him to us," says the chiropractor. "If that person is experiencing pain, stiffness, numbness or other symptoms, our chiropractic care and other natural techniques can vastly improve that person's quality of life."

Dr. Bufano is quick to point out that people need not suffer from debilitating pain or other symptoms to benefit from an initial consultation and evaluation at the clinic. "Spinal screenings can often detect tiny misalignments that may not be causing any trouble now but could blossom into chronic pain later," he explains. "This enables us to perform minor adjustments now to help patients avoid more extensive chiropractic care, physical therapy or massage therapy down the road." Referrals for general wellness evaluations therefore count toward entry in the contest.

The summer contest rules allow entrants to boost their chances of winning by performing other actions in addition to a patient referral. "Simply liking us on our Facebook page automatically enters participants into the contest. If they have already passed a referral, then liking us on Facebook will double their chances," says Dr. Bufano.

The Old Bridge chiropractor adds that posting a review to the clinic's Google+ page also counts toward a contest entry, making it possible for participants to triple their odds of coming away with a prize. "But whether you win a prize or not, the best reward of all is seeing your friend, relative or colleague experience the relief that chiropractic treatment can bring," adds the practitioner.

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