Lindenhurst Chiropractor Uses Nutritional Counseling to Benefit Patients' Overall Health

LINDENHURST, Ill., July 7, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Lindenhurst chiropractor and a Registered Dietician want to help their patients help themselves through nutritional and dietary choices that benefit their overall health. Dr. Mark Freund and Katie Moxley, RD of Natural Care Chiropractic states that nutritional counseling services can help their patients heal faster, overcome chronic complaints and maintain a higher level of overall wellness. "Nutrition is one way patients can control their own health, making it a powerful complement to chiropractic care," says Dr. Freund. "It makes perfect sense that we should offer this service as part of our holistic approach to health and wellness."

This holistic approach, explains Dr. Freund, is key to his clinic's ability to offer comprehensive, long-term improvements in their clientele's health. "The body has countless individual components and systems, but it also functions as a single entity," he says. "A dysfunction in any one part or system affects everything else. For example, nerve impingements from spinal misalignments can cause incorrect signals to be sent to the major organs, immune system or endocrine system, causing a cascade of problems."

Improper nutrition, he adds, has a similarly global effect on an individual's well-being by introducing toxins, creating inflammation, providing inadequate vitamins and minerals for correct function, or even causing obesity. "Any of these detrimental effects can interfere with the body's ability to heal itself or remain well," Dr. Freund notes. "This can limit the effectiveness of chiropractic care or any other natural therapies we might prescribe to help someone overcome illness or injury."

Dr. Freund and his team frequently recommend nutritional and dietary changes to patients who are simultaneously undergoing other forms of treatment for a particular pain or ailment. The chiropractor states that many patients need to switch from a diet comprised of highly processed, starchy foods of limited nutritional value to one emphasizing natural, organic foods and plenty of water.

"A diet offering the right balance of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, dietary fiber and certain fatty acids will definitely have a positive impact on practically anyone's health," says Dr. Freund. "By supplying the body with what it needs to function normally, our patients can enhance the benefits they receive from other holistic treatments."

He adds that his staff can recommend nutritional changes that target specific illnesses -- notably hormonal issues common in women such as pre-menstrual syndrome or dysmenorrhea. "Good nutrition is quite literally good medicine," says the Lindenhurst chiropractor. "It is also something that patients can do for themselves to take the reins on their wellness. We aim to give them the knowledge and guidance they need to take greater responsibility for their condition and enjoy more control over their quality of life."

In addition to nutritional counseling, Natural Care Chiropractic provides chiropractic care, myofascial release, physical therapy and drug-free pain management techniques for Lindenhurst patients.

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