Jericho Creates Great-Tasting Food That's Good For You

LOS ANGELES, CA, July 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Finally the best hummus has a name: Jericho! What does Jericho have that other big names don't have? They have the healthiest possible product available. Jericho Foods Company consists of three lines of authentic Mediterranean Dips: 18 flavors of hummus, 8 variations of eggplant spread, and 7 robust garlic spreads. Rather than using fillers such as oil, flour, and butter, Jericho products are garbanzo bean and tahini based. They are mixed in small batches and taste tested through a 3 step process where, if the product isn't up to par, it never reaches the shelf, thus bringing you creamy, old-world recipes that taste like home. Full of Mediterranean flavor, Jericho produces no trans-fat, gluten free, cholesterol free and non GMO kosher spreads.

If you're looking for a classic hummus with a twist you can try the hummus with cilantro and jalapeno or hummus with pine nuts. For a dip that keeps your chips begging for more, try the eggplant salsa. If garlic is you're preferred flavor, Jericho's garlic spreads are a healthy alternative to Mayonnaise for any sandwich - try a basil flavored original garlic spread or a garlic pesto spread to give your sandwich extra flavor! All 7 garlic spreads make a perfect pairing to any grilled chicken or BBQ beef. Jericho flavors are guaranteed to meet any palate's challenge, even your grandmothers!

"It was important for us to bring a product that was not only healthy and delicious, but tasted as fresh and authentic as if it came directly from grandma's Mediterranean kitchen" says co-founder Ziad Janah.

Jericho joins the Los Angeles based Marketing and PR firm, VIIVIIVII. VIIVIIVII is known for its unique branding style and CEO, Ken Collis says, "Jericho brings the perfect combination of passion for success and creation, with a taste that the world will crave." VIIVIIVII brings their world of experience to Jericho Foods Company and is proud to work with a company that has an uncompromising dedication to making the best product every time, and by using fresh and healthy ingredients for life.

For more information on Jericho products, go to Like Jericho on Facebook at and follow them on Twitter @jerichofoods10. If you are a retailer interested in Jericho's product contact or call 818-995-8877.

ABOUT JERICHO FOOD - WWW.JERICHOFOOD.COM Jericho consists of three lines of robust Mediterranean dips: Hummus spreads, Eggplant spreads, and Garlic spreads. Jericho prides itself on using superior products fresh from local vegetable markets and traditional recipes - so every bite tastes like home! No transfat, no gluten, no cholesterol. Choose Jericho, and go with quality. Finally the BEST hummus has a name: Jericho!

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