Compuware Continues to Improve on Abend-AID's Core Strengths; Customers to Benefit From Advanced Fault Analytics

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DETROIT, July 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Compuware Corporation (Nasdaq:CPWR), the technology performance company delivering leading mainframe developer productivity solutions, today announced enhancements to Abend-AID, the industry's leading fault management solution. The latest improvements make Abend-AID even easier to use, especially for staff unfamiliar with mainframe legacy systems. In addition, Abend-AID Fault Analytics further shortens the time it takes to analyze and resolve application failures -- absolutely vital given today's prolific deployment of complex and customer facing applications.

Since its introduction 35 years ago, Compuware has consistently updated Abend-AID to keep it current and relevant for customers, including ensuring "day one" support of IBM hardware and software introductions and updates. Today, the solution is more important to IT organizations than ever for resolving mainframe application failures. That's because mainframe applications increasingly support critical activities such as Web and mobile banking and e-commerce, and even a short-term outage could have dire consequences. According to a recent survey conducted by Compuware, a tech performance failure can cost an organization, on average, approximately $10M in short-term costs business wide, from operations and sales and marketing, to finance and distribution/supply chain. This figure is before longer-term consequences including loss of market share, erosion of brand equity and reputational damage, are accounted for. Importantly, Abend-AID would be able to prevent a mainframe application outage by leading developers directly to the precise information they need to resolve application faults before they result in downtime.

"IT organizations are continually pressed by line of business executives to produce highly complex applications to meet the needs of their end users," said Kris Manery, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Compuware Mainframe Solutions. "Given the rapid rate at which these applications are put into production, faulty code is bound to rear its ugly head. At the same time, mainframe developers who are comfortable with diagnosing and fixing faults are preparing to retire. A trusted solution like Abend-AID is a must in today's mainframe environment where the standard is complexity. It provides everything developers, regardless of their skill level, need to diagnose and resolve a fault that could potentially cost an organization millions if an application outage were to occur."

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Abend-AID's tighter integration of fault identification with advanced Fault Analytics benefits multiple roles in the mainframe environment. Managers will see the value of Abend-AID's increased visibility into faults, including trend analysis, enabling them to prioritize work assignments based on the frequency and severity of the issues. Developers can leverage Abend-AID's new usability improvements that significantly shorten root cause analysis time, reducing application downtime and accelerating time to market for new functionality. The product has also added information to assist programmers to better understand the code in question, and customization capabilities to allow programmers to tailor the product to best suit their needs.

Importantly, Abend-AID also provides the ability to keep long-term historical information on abend activity, allowing managers to determine at a glance if quality is degrading, and programmers to see if common problems are causing recurring abends. The Fault Analytics is zAAP-eligible to keep the CPU footprint of Abend-AID to a minimum.

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