TSG Global Selects Shango Automation Platform to Bolster DID Sourcing and Inventory Management

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AUSTIN, Texas, July 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Shango, the operator of the only community-based marketplace for the fulfillment of IP-enabled services, today announced that TSG Global, Inc., a leading cloud and legacy communications provider, has selected Shango's standards-based platform to bolster wholesale telecommunications services and more easily acquire and manage telephone number inventory from its own wholesale carriers.

TSG will utilize the Shango software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform's Sourcing and Inventory Tracking service to enhance its ability to obtain, activate and track its native and third-party VoIP inventory. Through the use of Shango's common APIs, the company will also leverage the platform's ecosystem of service providers to expand its own offerings in order to more cost-effectively serve its distribution channel of several resellers and wholesale customers.

Known for bridging the gap between landline and wireless customers for its numerous clients, the carrier-class network of TSG Global has been at the forefront of enabling text messaging (SMS) on any landline phone number, (Legacy, Virtual or Toll Free) and has delivered turn-key solutions that span traditional and cloud-based SMS, in addition to several other feature-rich services, including CNAM, e911 and voice.

"The ability to automate the process of pulling through phone numbers from our several upstream vendors through Shango's single interface will allow us to more efficiently enable that inventory to access the mobile ecosystem via text messaging and better serve our channel members," said Noah Rafalko, CEO at TSG Global. "Our intent is to continually unify supply chain operations while enhancing the company's product offerings." As a member of the Shango provider community, TSG will also gain the ability to attain, as well as extend its service offerings to and from new on- and off-net trading partners.

Having facilitated nearly 7 million transactions for its customers across numerous voice and data applications and a large number of trading partners, Shango is also seeing a rise in the number of native platform members that are benefitting from new business and partnering opportunities that result from direct exposure to industry peers also utilizing the platform. For many, the platform can essentially enable a wholesale route-to-market, helping legacy and resource-constraint communication services providers to bypass infrastructure limitations and reduce operational costs.

"We believe the telephone number is in the midst of an evolution, becoming more of an identifier as it moves along the unified communications supply chain," said David Walsh, CEO at Shango. "With the addition of an innovator like TSG Global as a Shango platform member, we'll surely see a growing propensity for other Shango members to seek out their SMS services, especially as the momentum of features like text messaging increases to serve new and emerging applications. We wholeheartedly welcome the pioneering initiatives of the TSG Global team."

About Shango

Shango operates the only community-based marketplace for the fulfillment of global IP-enabled services for communication service providers. The company's cloud-based services are pioneering the future of buying and selling IP services by creating an open, common platform for conducting telecom transactions.

The marketplace, with its common APIs and multi-tenancy capability simplifies fulfillment across disparate trading partners, applications, and service providers to allow communication service providers to transcend legacy constraints and grow revenue.

Based in Austin, TX, Shango has facilitated over 6 million transactions across a plurality of voice and data applications for more than 1,400 trading partners. For more information or to learn more, please visit www.shango.com or call 855.9.SHANGO.

About TSG Global, Inc.

TSG Global, Inc, is a cloud and legacy communications provider who bridges the gap between the landline and wireless networks for - ILEC's, CLEC's Cable Operators, Service Providers, Enterprises, Businesses and others with sizable needs.

As a pioneer and trend setter, TSG provides Turn-Key solutions encompassing legacy and cloud based SMS (text messaging) along with feature rich telecom services: ELRN, CNAM, 911, Voice.

Providing a carrier class network and services along with their ability to enable text messaging on any landline phone number, whether legacy or cloud, standard or toll-free 8XX and all without changing or affecting current services, TSG gives its partners and customer the best chance to be competitive and nimble in their respective markets.

For more information you can contact TSG by sending a text to or calling 1.800.917.0053 or sending an email to sales@tsgglobal.com.

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