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LOS ANGELES, July 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Angeline D'Balentine has been granted a creative writing award to help in the completion of her feature length screenplay, Sister Butterfly.

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The award will help to cover a minimal for living expenses and travel accommodations over a few month time period while she travels to certain regions in the United States. The award is to commence mid July 2013. She will be researching certain story points for her screenplay while revising the first draft she has already written. The goal is to have a finished and final screenplay for studios and producers to review.

The award was an offer presented to D'Balentine in response to a recent discovery of the project.

"I wasn't trying to pitch the story," said D'Balentine. "I happen to be in the right place at the right time when a certain person was present during my explanation of Sister Butterfly. I had my film treatment in hand and they were able to see all involved, even outside of the script."

Hence forth, the E&D Trust fund was created. The fund is a private trust fund partnered with a third party to secure certain milestones are met, and distribution of funds in accordance.

According to D'Balentine, Sister Butterfly was a back-burner project. It wasn't in her plans to create a final draft this soon. But after requests from two studios to read the script along with this opportunity, she is more than delighted to give time to the script's completion. She expressed that it's a chance that doesn't come along everyday, and she is humbled by the recognition and the opportunity.

Sister Butterfly holds a wanderlust appeal and speaks to the Indie/Free People movement. D'Balentine's own bohemian and Native American upbringing also influences the story. It is a story with metaphors and self-discovery. The project requires a route that starts in New Mexico, making a northern U-shape, and ending along the southern cost of California. She will be blogging the experience via her website and social sites.

D'Balentine has worked on several film projects including the Michigan based feature film project titled Trail. She presently has a few scripts she is in the midst of producing, including a partnership with J. David Shapiro to help with his film project titled Knights of the Not So Round Table: The Lost Tapes of 524 A.D.

D'Balentine is an established artist, including artworks for the Stan Lee Group. Her day job is as a creative/marketing consulting. She received her BA in script writing from Eastern Michigan University, and her MS in entertainment business from Full Sail University. She is also a proud independent mother from a humbled background who enjoys breaking the norm.

More information on D'Balentine go to www.dbalentine.com and/or www.facebook.com/dbalentinecreative. Follow her on Twitter and Pinterest @adbalentine #SisterButterfly #BrotherMoth.

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