Prophecy Healthcare(R) Inc. Offers Onsite Training to Assist in Facility-Wide Software Implementation

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GREENSBORO, N.C., July 11, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Prophecy Healthcare® Inc., the leader in online competency testing for the healthcare industry, launched its on-site training program, focusing on software use and testing practices. On-site training offers many value additions to the large user base of Prophecy assessments around the nation. Consultants ensure implementation of best practices for pre-hire exam administration, incumbent staff evaluation, and professional development training organization-wide.

"Our consultants work with clients to provide a customized training experience that ensures a level of comfort and proficiency with the Prophecy system," said Felicia Sadler MJ RN BSN CPHQ, Vice President of Quality & Performance. "We take Prophecy's holistic approach onsite to engage HR, leadership and educators in meaningful ways to maximize effectiveness in making hiring decisions, creating a customized orientation experience unique to each new hire and demonstrating how Prophecy can be effective in professional and leadership development."

Prophecy views onsite training as a value-add to clients and therefore includes it with each subscription to their holistic testing suite (Behavioral, Clinical, and Situational assessments).

"With the clinical knowledge and professional development expertise of Prophecy's team, we enjoy developing client relationships beyond the vendor mindset by being welcomed as trusted advisors," said Meredith Juengel MBA, Director of Relationship Management.

When asked about her favorite part of the on-site training experience Juengel commented, "Getting a feel for each facility's personality and organizational attitude from top leadership down is very rewarding. We are getting to work alongside many that I consider role models for employee engagement. So, knowing that our software will take well-established HR practices to an all new level of predictability and success is what really excites me about on-site training."

Personal interaction with Prophecy's Consultants creates a classroom-type communication/dialogue, which benefits everyone involved. With sessions tailored to speak to the hot topics for each attendee, staff from all departments of the organization benefit from individualized sessions.

  • Executive Leadership – presenting a high-level overview for an engaged executive team to gain insight into how Prophecy will positively impact their organization which includes an overview of the training their team will receive.
  • Human Resources – discussing best practices/policies and implementation/roll out to assist with placement of new graduates, transfers, or hires
  • Nurse Leadership – interpreting assessment results and interview questions to increase confidence in hiring the most qualified candidates the first-time
  • Nurse Educators/Directors – learning how to create individualized and unit specific educational and staff development plans from Prophecy's data to augment the on-boarding and learning processes.

For over a decade, Prophecy's consultants have learned best practices of software implementation from top facilities around the nation. Getting to spend more individualized time with clients through this onsite training program allows consultants to spare no details while setting up each facility for future hiring success.

About Prophecy Healthcare®

Originally founded in 2004 as NurseTesting.com, Prophecy Healthcare® got its start as the first online Pre-Employment Testing Company exclusive to the Healthcare Industry. Initially focusing solely on clinical assessments measuring clinical competencies, efforts to exceed industry expectations led to isolating critical competencies missed in traditional testing initiatives, such as stress tolerance, critical thinking, and teamwork skills. The Prophecy system compliments research requirements for Magnet designation and allows data mining for a comparative review of Prophecy assessment results and HCAHPS scores. For more information about Prophecy, visit http://www.prophecyhealth.com or call 336.802.1070.

CONTACT: Meredith Juengel Director of Relationship Management mjuengel@prophecyhealth.com (336)802-1070 ext 722

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