The Six Pests of Summer

COLUMBIA, S.C., July 11, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends, but it is also peak season for many bugs and pests. Terminix Service, Inc., a pest management company with more than 65 years of service offers useful tips to allow you to still enjoy the outdoors, as well as what you need to be on the lookout for when protecting your family against summer pests.

"Pests enjoy temperate weather and being close to a food or water source, so as temperatures increase, pests become more active," explains Kevin Hawthorne, a board certified entomologist and Training and Technical Supervisor with Terminix Service, Inc. "Their search for food and shelter bring them into homes, but there are easy steps homeowners can take to make these pests less of a nuisance during the summer months."

Whether you are cooling off inside or taking advantage of a patio, pool or backyard here are six common pests you should be aware of this summer: fire ants, yellow jackets, spiders, mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks.

To help prevent unwanted encounters with these pests this summer, Terminix Service, Inc. shares the following household prevention tips.

  • Fire ants are most common in the summer because they prefer hot, sunny locations. They often create dome-shaped mounds in the yard. Sometimes the mounds are below the grass line and not readily visible. Because of this, treating individual mounds isn't effective in eliminating all of the ant colonies in the yard. There are many "home remedies" that people use to try and kill fire ants (such as using gasoline, bleach, boiling water, grits, etc.) but they do not work and can be downright dangerous. The most effective way to eliminate fire ants from your yard is to treat the entire area with a fire ant bait product.
  • Yellow jackets live in nests and will aggressively attack when their nests are disturbed or when they feel threatened. When a nest is found in or near your home a professional should be called to handle the situation. If you have yellow jackets visiting you while you dine outdoors, traps are available and should be placed away from picnic areas. Also, make sure your outside trash cans have lids.
  • Spiders are beneficial in that they eat lots of insect pests. However, most people don't like spiders in their house either. Make sure bushes and trees around the foundation are trimmed and eliminate clutter to reduce the number of habitats outdoors. Regular cleaning and reduction of clutter will also help indoors. Remove spiders, their webs, and egg sacs with a vacuum whenever they are found.
  • Mosquitoes can take the fun out of summertime outdoor enjoyment. They breed in stagnate water and produce thousands of offspring. Female mosquitoes must have a blood meal in order to produce eggs. Help reduce mosquito populations by eliminating breeding areas. Frequently clean out gutters, pet bowls, bird baths, unused flower pots and other items that can hold water for more than a week. Another tip Terminix Service, Inc. offers is drilling holes in the bottom of swing sets and make sure metal fence posts have caps to reduce rain water accumulation in those areas.
  • Fleas are most common in households that have pets. However, you don't have to have pets to get a flea infestation if you have rats, squirrels, or other wildlife present. When first noticing fleas, be sure to call a professional. Flea prevention includes treating your pets frequently, as well as regularly vacuuming your home.
  • Ticks can be picked up by household pets that regularly visit outdoor areas. Ticks typically breed in wooded habitats or areas with tall grass. A well maintained yard rarely has problems with ticks. If you are going hiking or visiting an area where ticks might live, be sure to use a personal insect repellent. Problem wildlife should be trapped and removed from your property.

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