Photo Release -- Tap-to-Redeem(TM) Helps Eliminate Digital Coupon Fraud

Koupon Media Tap to Redeem Helps Eliminates Coupon Fraud
A live coupon is activated with Tap to Redeem

FRISCO, Texas, July 12, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Koupon Media, B2B Digital Campaign Management (DCM) Platform provider, helps brands and retailers deploy, manage and track digital offers across the omnichannel (Facebook, app, email, web, SMS, Passbook, Twitter, etc.).

Consumers simply tap the screen and the countdown begins

Countodown clock makes it difficult to duplicate and share, helping to eliminate coupon fraud

According to the Coupon Information Corporation (CIC), an organization tracking coupon fraud, the coupon business is worth $4 billion, and fraud results in $500 million of loss/yr. Just recently, an AZ housewife went to prison for two years and was fined $5 million for her role in a $2 million dollar coupon fraud ring.

"People engaging in digital offers is predicted to reach ~51 million next year, and with 10% redemption rates (paper coupons are 1%), marketers are actively deploying digital offers as a way to monetize mobile as the mobile industry continues to explode," said TJ Person, CEO of Koupon Media. "Before deploying to the masses, however, marketers want to ensure that fraud isn't a huge, unknown risk. Our platform greatly decreases the risk of coupon fraud by giving consumers a window of time to redeem coupons, making it impossible to make copies and share them."

Already deployed by dozens of advertisers, Koupon Media's patent-pending, Tap-to-Redeem implementation is simple and fun to use. When a digital offer is received (seen below on mobile), the consumer is informed that once the digital offer is tapped, the shopper has 15 minutes to redeem it. If it is not redeemed within the specified time, then the digital offer will disappear (and from that person's life forever). Until a new one is received, that is.

A photo of an example digital offer is available at

The shopper taps the digital offer (a fun, interactive way to engage customers), a clock begins counting down, and a bar code appears, making it redeemable (via POS or through a scanner). Because it is a 'live' coupon, the consumer cannot redeem using a screenshot of the coupon, or share it with a friend (or millions of them). Koupon Media's patent-pending Tap-to-Redeem technology is being deployed in a number of apps today.

A photo of an example 'live' coupon is available at

About Koupon Media

Koupon Media provides an innovative Digital Campaign Management (DCM) platform for progressive retailers and brands wanting to unify the creation, distribution, redemption, and analysis of digital offers and loyalty programs. The company's cloud-based, B2B solution solves problems that plague today's fraud-filled coupon and promotions market, and helps advertisers customize digital offers and increase visibility into consumer behavior. Delivered via mobile app, Twitter, bar code, text, email, Apple Passbook, and social media, Koupon Media's patented technology deploys single-use coupons to eliminate fraud from the fulfillment process. Founded by mobile entrepreneurs TJ Person and Scott Hutchinson, Koupon Media is funded by DFJ Mercury, Trailblazer Capital, and Matthew Pritzker Company. The Company is headquartered in Frisco, TX with offices in Chicago, IL and Mexico. For a demonstration or to see a list of customers, please visit Koupon Media's website.

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