Houston Chiropractor Maintains Interactive Website to Help Patients

HOUSTON, July 14, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Houston chiropractor is using the power of the Internet to boost his ability to help his patients. Dr. Terry Smedstad of Woodway Wellness Family Chiropractic maintains a variety of extra resources and services through the clinic's official website, myhoustonchiro.com -- including a blog, a resources page, an appointment scheduling portal, and detailed information about the clinic's chiropractic services. "People today rely on the Web to help them find quick answers to nagging problems, including back pain and health concerns," says Dr. Smedstad. "This site helps our patients understand their available treatment options."

The Houston chiropractor states that he regards patient education as a critical aspect of chiropractic care. To that end, he tries to provide visitors to the clinic's website with clear, useful descriptions of the various symptoms he treats and the treatment protocols he uses. He cites back pain, a fairly common complaint, with many possible causes, as an example.

"Sufferers from back pain can definitely benefit from blog articles on the underlying conditions that can cause this discomfort, and from information of spinal decompression, manual adjustments and other techniques that correct those underlying conditions," Dr. Smedstad says. The Houston chiropractor notes that recent blog articles have addressed such diverse topics as shoulder pain and how to exercise for wellness.

A glance at the Woodway Wellness Family Chiropractic website confirms that it employs a variety of media, including video clips, still images and interactive forms, to engage patients and enable them to communicate with the clinic's staff. The section on spinal decompression, for instance, not only discusses the procedure at length but also includes photographs of patients receiving treatment on the mechanized table.

A "3D Spine Simulator" link opens a separate window allowing visitors to get an up-close look at individual vertebrae, which according to Dr. Smedstad can help patients understand the nature of their misalignment or other spinal problem. An online appointment scheduler positioned next to the clinic's list operating hours helps patients get the help they need as efficiently as possible. There are also Facebook, Google+ and Twitter buttons that link to the clinic's off-site social media presences.

Dr. Smedstad points out that Woodway Wellness Family Chiropractic makes an even greater quantity of health and wellness information available to those who choose to subscribe to the clinic's bi-weekly newsletter. The subscription opens access to additional articles above and beyond the website's blog, as well as animated exercise videos and other useful data.

"All of these items, from the blog articles and videos to the online scheduling tool, help our patients connect with us, develop a deeper knowledge of health and wellness issues, and take a more proactive approach toward keeping themselves and their loved ones in optimal condition," says the chiropractor.

Woodway Wellness Family Chiropractic offers chiropractic adjustment, spinal decompression, pain management and personalized wellness programs to Houston-area residents.

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