Wellness Center in Westfield Launches New Website

WESTFIELD, N.J., July 14, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Advanced Wellness of Westfield recently announced that the practice has launched a new website to educate individuals about the benefits of drug-free pain management and wellness care. The new website features a "Community Content" library with information on chiropractic care and the importance of proper spinal alignment for whole body health. According to Dr. John Pinto, the website is designed to introduce individuals to the benefits of chiropractic care and address frequently asked questions. Additional features of the website include an e-newsletter and online appointment request form.

Chiropractor Dr. John Pinto is working to educate individuals about the benefits of chiropractic adjustments and holistic health care for managing lower back pain and other chronic pain.

"Our new website will help empower patients to take active control of their health," said Dr. Pinto. "Many individuals are searching for safe and effective alternatives to medication or surgery, but they are unaware of the full benefits of chiropractic care. Chiropractic adjustments at our Westfield wellness center can truly make a difference for patient health, and our website's interactive features are important, free learning tools."

The Westfield wellness center's new website, http://advancedwellnessofwestfield.com/, includes a "Community Content" library that explains the history of chiropractic care and the science behind these treatments.

"We want patients to understand that chiropractic care is a scientific medical discipline based on patient-proven treatment techniques," said Dr. Pinto. "The 'Community Content' information is a great resource for learning the 'hows' and 'whys' behind chiropractic care."

Individuals who are new to chiropractic care can learn how chiropractic adjustments address different ailments, including lower back pain, neck pain and headaches. The information explains why the spine is critical to whole body health. "As the body's foundation," Dr. Pinto says, "proper spinal health supports strength, balance, posture, and many more factors of overall wellness."

"When the spine is misaligned, the nervous system is unable to efficiently communicate with the rest of the body," said Dr. Pinto. "This compromises overall health. Nerve compression not only triggers pain, but also causes a general deterioration of a patient's wellness. One of our main goals at our wellness center is to correct such a deficiency. Different articles in the 'Community Content' library help explain the benefits of chiropractic care not only for pain relief, but also for whole body health."

Individuals who visit the website can also learn more about specific treatments practiced at Advanced Wellness of Westfield, including Spinal Decompression therapy, the Atlas Orthogonal Technique, Acupuncture, and Nutritional Plan Development. The website content discusses how these techniques help manage pain and also improve overall health.

Patients may sign up for the center's e-newsletter. The free e-newsletter includes customized content to an individual's specific interests, such as stress management, women's health, or natural pain relief.

Prospective patients may also use the website's online appointment request form to schedule a diagnostic appointment with Dr. Pinto.

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