Lakewood Veterinarians Praise the Healing Effects of Pet Acupuncture

LAKEWOOD, Colo., July 14, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Acupuncture for pets treats both the symptoms and causes of imbalances that occur within the pet's spirit, mind and body. Treatment entails the use of micro-thin needles to stimulate points along the pet's energy meridians according to the ancient principles of acupuncture combined with safe, modern treatment modalities. The needles used in the procedure are sterile and are disposed of after a single use.

Pet owners need not be concerned that acupuncture is painful for their pets. During training, an acupuncturist is instructed on proper needle insertion that will minimize discomfort. Just as humans experience an occasional light sting during acupuncture treatments, dogs and cats may experience a similar temporary slight discomfort. However, the overall effect of the acupuncture treatment is, in most cases, both rejuvenating and calming.

Pet acupuncture can be helpful for pain management, which is essential to their pet wellness care. Wadsworth Animal Hospital in Lakewood recommends pet owners familiarize themselves with the various signals that cats and dogs may exhibit when they are in pain and to see a veterinarian should any of the following symptoms persist. These may include changes in the animals' normal behaviors that are replaced by whining, crying, barking, flinching when touched, panting and elevated heart rates and other symptoms.

Dr. Eric L. Eisen of Wadsworth Animal Hospital states, "Acupuncture does not replace traditional veterinary care. It complements it." In addition to acupuncture for pets, this clinic offers a variety of traditional veterinary care options from dental cleanings for pets, to major surgery procedure for dogs and cats.

Pet acupuncture can assist animals in preparation for and recovery from surgery and other traumatic events that affect their health. It is frequently used to treat animals that are recovering from radiation treatments or chemotherapy. It is also used to assist pets that have chronic health concerns that require regular ingestion of medication. In these latter cases, the acupuncture can help ease the medication's side effects, help the medication be more effective and, in some cases, can lessen the animal's need to take medication at all.

Pet acupuncture can be used as a part of one's pet's preventative or wellness health care plan. Pets are exposed to the same types of physical and emotional stressors that human beings encounter each day. This includes noise pollution, chemical toxins, severe changes in climate, separation anxiety and other things that can create imbalances and lead to illnesses. Regular acupuncture treatment can help detoxify the pet's internal systems and help them maintain a healthy balance throughout their lives. Since climate changes can be stressful for pets, scheduling regular pet acupuncture appointments in approximation to seasonal changes is recommended.

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