Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic Shares Summer Emergency Tips for Pets

CANTON, Ga., July 14, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- What's the highest risk time of year for household pets? The summertime – and Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic in Canton is sharing some ways to keep pets safe during this busy but hazardous season. Some of the biggest dangers your pet will face can be traced back to the summer weather, says Canton Veterinarian Dr. Michael Good, DVM – here's why:

School's out, backyard barbeques are in full swing and pools are open – so there are plenty of things to do at home during the summer months. "Those same fun activities can boost your pet's risk, though," says Dr. Good. More visitors and outside activity means more chances for a pet to get lost, injured or even slip away un-noticed. The key to minimizing a pet's risk in the summer season is prevention – reviewing the home for potential hazards and eliminating them, one by one.

Any spot a dog or cat has access to can harbor potential hazards in the summertime that don't exist at other times of the year. Make pet proofing and safety part a priority this summer and you'll be on the way to preventing pet related mishaps, according to Dr. Good.

Heatstroke is one of the major issues a pet will face in the summer. His risk will soar if you travel with them in the car, accidentally leave them in a barn or shed or even outside without water. Making sure that a pet is never left in a hot location in summer is a critical step towards pet safety, says Dr. Good.

While the heat is a big concern, it is not the only problem facing pets in the summer time. Since families spend more time outside, unattended drinks and food can be potential hazards. Chocolate cake, the leftover chicken bones from a backyard barbeque and even alcoholic beverages can cause huge problems if ingested by a dog or cat. The extra heat and temptation can cause even a normally well behaved pet to nose through the garbage in search of something cool or tasty to eat. Prevent accidental poisoning by securing all trash and not leaving beverages unattended.

More visitors during the daylight hours mean more chances for a cat or dog to slip out of the house and into danger. Once outside and loose, a pet can be hit by a car, get into a fight with a stray dog or even encounter a wild animal. Making sure Canton pets are secured inside the home or yard at all times is another way to keep them safe in the summer, according to Dr. Good.

The veterinarians and staff of Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic, located in Canton, Georgia is equipped to deal with all summer pet emergencies and offers a full range of veterinary services. Please visit Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic's website to learn more at

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