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CARY, N.C., July 16, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Autonomic Resources is now offering federal contractors, vendors, systems integrators, and federal consulting firms the opportunity to resell ARC-P cloud services to U.S. Government departments and agencies. Through the Powered-By ARC-P Reseller Program, Autonomic's resellers and partners will assist federal agencies in migrating and deploying into multiple FedRAMP and DoD accredited cloud services, while maintaining the government agency/department end relationship. Resellers perform all contracting activities and can provide ARC-P account provisioning, ancillary cloud integration and migration services, and agency billing/invoicing.

Benefits of being a Powered-By ARC-P Reseller:

  • Designated Cloud Advocacy Personnel
  • Limited RFQ/Task Order Contract response
  • ARC-P self-provisioning in-service
  • Allowance to reuse Powered-by ARC-P logo in department and agency proposals
  • Time and Material based support services from the ARC-P cloud engineering team for design, migration and integration services
  • Promoted on Autonomic Resources' website
  • Included in a Press Release announcing reseller status

Powered-By ARC-P Reseller Prerequisites:

  • Completion of the online reseller application
  • Hold at least 2 Agency Prime contracts for Information Technology NAICS 5415xx
  • Adhere to the reseller minimum spend amount

ARC-P Resellers will have the ability to resell Autonomic Resources' IaaS Community Cloud, ARC-P Web Hosting services, and OpenShift by Red Hat Platform as a Service. If you are interested in participating in the Powered-By ARC-P Reseller Program, fill out the online reseller application. Refer to our website for more information on our service offerings and to request a briefing.

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Autonomic Resources (www.autonomicresources.com) is a service integration firm and cloud provider serving the U.S. Federal Government. Core capabilities include the implementation of strategic technologies including data center automation, cloud computing, open source adoption, information assurance and compliance, advanced network infrastructure, and software development services.

CONTACT: Press Contact: Hannah Stephens hs@autonomicresources.com (202) 461-3369

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