7 Compelling Reasons to Automate your Content Approval Workflow

London, UK, July 16, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- As the demand for digital content continues to increase, marketing teams of all sizes are challenged with producing continuous streams of high-quality content, everything from text-based articles and publications to images, videos and other rich forms of media.

One burdensome aspect of producing all this content is often overlooked; the job of getting it all reviewed and approved. ProofHQ's latest article 7 Compelling Reasons to Automate your Content Approval Workflow details the ways a marketing team can easily improve this time-consuming process.

"In a world exploding with content, marketing teams bear the burden of producing an increasing volume of marketing assets on time and on brand," says Mat Atkinson, CEO of ProofHQ. "And while technology has accelerated the ability to create and distribute stunning amounts of creative content, one thing has not changed: every bit of that content still requires approval."

The content approval process, which most often involves emailing files back and forth, walking hard copy proofs from person to person, then tracking it all on spreadsheets, can be one of the most time and labor intensive activities in the day of anyone responsible for getting creative assets out the door.

The article details the 7 compelling reasons to automate the content approval process, providing clear benefits for often-overwhelmed marketing teams:

  1. Save time: automating the content approval process saves an average of 56% per approval cycle.
  2. Brings Control: Staying on top of feedback for several projects at a time can be chaotic. The back and forth changes, constant interruptions and never-ending email can be mind-numbing. An online proofing tool eliminates this.
  3. Get Projects Completed Quicker: Online proofing software eliminates the bottlenecks so decisions can be made quickly.
  4. Easy for Teams to Collaborate: the people you work with can be located anywhere these days; since the document is cloud-based, colleagues can provide feedback anytime, anywhere.
  5. Helps with Accuracy: since comments are visible to the whole review team, accountability shoots up and so does accuracy.
  6. Frees up Creativity: Automating repetitive tasks allow marketing teams to do what they do best: be innovative.
  7. Boosts the Bottom Line: If the marketing team becomes more productive, completes projects faster and improves collaboration, it's good for business.

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