New, location-based ads hit Foursquare

Chris Ratcliffe | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Users of check-in app Foursquare may be slightly annoyed to hear that the app, largely ad-free, has been augmented with a new, more visible type of ad in the latest update. Fans of Captain Morgan's spiced rum, however, will rejoice.

The new ads will appear when you check into a place that falls under a category for which certain ads exist. One of the first brands to take advantage of this is Captain Morgan's, ads for which may show up when you check into your local watering hole.

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More generalized ads, like the one shown for a Samsung phone, could show up in less targeted ways, but the content is similar: a small notice when you check in that you can tap to expand for the full ad. The ad could also be a coupon or location-specific deal, as the blog About Foursquare shows, which gives users a reason to view it instead of just moving on.

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The ad capability was added in a recent update; Foursquare users should encounter the new ads soon, if they haven't already.

—By Devin Coldewey, contributing writer for