To Avoid "The Clooney Effect" Professional Matchmakers Offer Suggestions for His Next Potential Partner

Chicago, July 17, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The news was not unexpected…sexy superstar George Clooney and his latest lady-love Stacy Keibler officially broke it off. So now that he's on the market again, who might make good potential matches? The matchmakers at Selective Search, the nation's leading exclusive matchmaking and relationship advisory, have put together a list of their "dream matches" for Clooney if he were their client.

"He needs to find someone who is emotionally and financially stable; who can be comfortable in his world and won't be 'star struck' both with him and among his friends; and someone who has her own purpose and life experience so that it is a relationship more of equals," said Barbie Adler, president and founder of Selective Search. So who would Adler recommend?

Adler and her matchmakers would offer these suggestions based on publicly-known information about Clooney and the women below. None are clients of Selective Search.

· Bar Rafaeli, 28 years old, involved in numerous charities such as the "One Bag Less" campaign and who has spoken out about why people should drive electric cars as well as being involved in LGBT rights groups. "Her passion for her interests matches that of Clooney for his interests and this immediately puts them both on a very level playing field," Adler said.

· Mena Suvari, 34 years old, successful model/actress. Involved in several charities including the Starlight Children's Foundation, End of Violence Against Women and Circle of Friends. "Like Clooney she has been divorced and has no children, an area of commonality that would be particularly important in forging a relationship."

· Olivia Munn, 33 years old. Successful actress on "The Newsroom"; wrote her own book. "She has a great sense of humor and is 'one of the boys' but also gorgeous. She's done charity work with PETA and the Green Your School campaign so she would be someone who would be able to enjoy Clooney's work-related friends, as she herself has been there."

· Carolyn Murphy, 38 years old, successful model, but still under the radar. "Carolyn was married for two years to Jake Schroeder but divorced in 2001. She has no kids and seems to meet the criteria of Clooney's past girlfriends, but has an advantage of being a bit older and possibly more mature."

· Liv Tyler, 36, divorced with one son, Milo. "She tries to stay out of the limelight - has a successful acting career of her own not to mention a pretty famous dad. She currently serves as UNICEF's goodwill ambassador. While she may be a little different coming from a rock and roll background than the predominantly actress-models Clooney has dated previously, it could be an interesting match."

· Katheryn Winnick, 35, first language was Ukrainian and she grew up with training in martial arts, with her first black belt at 13. She started her own martial arts studios when she was 21. "She is very under the radar right now, but has had a successful acting career. She is definitely poised to be the next 'it' girl and could be an interesting match for Clooney."

"There are plenty of women out there who would make great matches for George Clooney," Adler said. "Although it's fun to come up with potential matches simply based on what we know publicly about people, the true test of a relationship is that special quality that brings people together. It includes attraction, personal interests, compatibility and so much more," Adler said. Furthermore, Adler recommends, "Mr. Clooney needs to openly discuss, as a couple what his expectations are particularly when it comes to marriage, children, and other important life goals. Without delving into these topics, couples sometimes find themselves waiting for something that may not come to fruition during valuable years of their life. By letting his potential girlfriends know he stands on important issues it will allow the two of them to determine if they are on the same page, and only if that is the case should they embark on a relationship. George Clooney should be honest and upfront about who and what he is looking for, as a result, there will be no need for apologies if someone doesn't fit the bill."

Selective Search's clientele are successful men like Mr. Clooney. In its 13 year history, Selective Search has heard these consistent responses from their male clients as to why certain relationships work well. The overall comments include:

· "She's comfortable with who she is"

· "She's my biggest fan…and I'm hers"

· "I like the man I am when I'm around her"

· "She doesn't talk about or compare me to her exes"

· "She's emotionally and financially stable"

· "She makes me laugh and better yet, she can laugh at herself."

· "She cares about what is important to me and takes a vested interest in it."

· "She can mingle and start her own conversations at my work functions, social gatherings, and with my family and friends - and they really enjoy her company."

· "We inspire each other"

· "She values what I do for her - whether it's big or small"

· "She has great friendships with family and friends - and particularly she has long term friends"

· "She is quick to smile and slow to anger"

· "She is a giver - not a taker"

· "Her values align with mine"

· "She is all heart"

No one except Clooney and Keibler know how these traits may or may not have evidenced themselves in their relationship. Adler says she's extremely confident that these key indicators would be valuable for George Clooney as he goes forward in future relationships.

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