Here's the story so far from Delivering Alpha

Halfway through today'sDelivering Alpha conference, I got together with Jeff Cox and Aaron Task of Yahoo Finance to talk about the most compelling moments so far.

We start with Jack Lew, who made his Wall Street debut this morning. Speaking before a finance audience for the first time since becoming Treasury Secretary, the Treasury Secretary defended Dodd-Frank, the Volcker Rule and the new leverage ratio limits. As I point out in the video, he even seemed to aim one of his comments at a very well-known bank CEO. (You'll have to watch to find out which one. Hint: Not Lloyd Blankfein.)

The Taper Freakout also got a lot of play in the early Delivering Alpha sessions. Everyone seemed to agree that the market over-reacted to Ben Bernanke's comments. Cox points out that the market seems to have demonstrated the ability to send the Fed scurrying for cover.

And, finally, we turn to Jim Chanos and broadside against Caterpillar.