Three secrets to retiring rich

Retiring is one thing but how can you retire rich?

The best person in the world to ask is Chris Ailman, Chief Investment Officer of the California State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS). Ailman manages $165 billion for over 862,000 Californian teachers. And, over the last twelve months, he has earned an impressive return of 13.8%.

Ailman has three investment secrets anyone can follow to best manage their personal retirement portfolio. In the video above, Ailman shares his insight with Talking Numbers. His three secrets are:

1. Rebalance your assets

  • Ailman says how frequently you should pay attention to what's in your portfolio.

2. Study your investment options

  • Ailman says why need more alternatives, who to ask for them, and which popular investment he thinks will not be a good idea in the coming years.

3. Be a long-term investor

  • Ailman says there's a typical, but costly mistake many people make when picking a fund that can be avoided when thinking long-term.

To hear the details of Ailman's investment secrets, watch the video above.

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