Calming the Busy Brain: Hudson Street to Publish Amen Clinics Psychiatrist Joseph Annibali's New Book

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RESTON, Va., July 17, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hudson Street Press, a division of Penguin Random House, has agreed to publish Calming the Busy Brain by Joseph A. Annibali, M.D., Chief Psychiatrist at Amen Clinics in Reston, Virginia. The book, which will be published in late 2014 or early 2015, will help readers understand the epidemic of busy brains and the stress that accompany them, along with Dr. Annibali's program to restore balance and calm. Calming the Busy Brain is based on Dr. Annibali's experience of more than three decades of evaluating and treating thousands of individuals who suffer from overloaded, over-stimulated, and keyed-up brains.

Most people are too quick to believe their too busy brains result only from today's rapid-fire media culture, digital technology, and modern mega world distractions. These things do affect us, according to Dr. Annibali. However, Calming the Busy Brain will show readers that the most important thing in dealing with our digital distractions is to have our brains balanced and functioning well.

Dr. Annibali, a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, is an award-winning teacher and a practicing psychiatrist who has treated thousands of patients. His practice at the Amen Clinics involves using a sophisticated neuroimaging study called brain SPECT, which looks at blood flow and activity patterns to help diagnose and treat patients. He has seen thousands of busy brains and has deep experience in helping to balance them.

Calming the Busy Brain will help readers better understand what kinds of brain imbalances they may have that give rise to their busy brains and specific steps to help restore balance. Among his detailed recommendations to treat busy brains will be many natural approaches, dietary and other lifestyle changes, and medications when appropriate.

Dr. Annibali completed psychoanalytic training at the Washington Psychoanalytic Institute, where he was president of the Candidate's Organization. He is currently on the faculty of the Washington Psychoanalytic Institute and on the faculty of the Modern Perspectives in Psychotherapy Training Program, where he was recognized as teacher of the year. Dr. Annibali has taught a number of courses, including a neuroscience course for psychotherapists and professional writing seminars for mental health clinicians.

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