Arylessence fragrance expertise adds competitive edge to private label brands

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ATLANTA, GA., July 18, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The leading, marketing-driven fragrance house, Arylessence, Inc., announces an innovative 'sensory messaging' program to help personal care marketers develop private label brands that are competitive in the marketplace, offer new opportunities for retailers to increase sales, and provide exceptional benefits for consumers seeking quality, performance and value.

Developed to support the dramatic growth of private label brands in grocery, pharmacy, discount, and department stores, the new Arylessence program helps marketers develop winning fragrance concepts in an integrated approach that combines product formulation and technology, packaging, and the brand's sensory messaging.

"Private label brands today aren't just about saving money," says Steve Tanner, President of Arylessence. "These brands are changing the consumer landscape. For retailers, it's about enhancing relationships with customers with 'own brands' that offer innovative fragrances, competitive technology and performance, sustainable packaging, and the right sensory messaging for consumers. For consumers, it's about body wash, lotions, creams and shampoos with fabulous fragrances that meet and exceed their needs in new ways, deliver multiple benefits, and create exceptional brand loyalty."

Private label growth and new fragrance opportunities

In an increasing number of personal care categories, the growth of private label brands exceeds national brands. Marketing analysts at the Mintel Group report that private labels led the liquid hand wash market in 2012 with a 29.8 percent share, maintaining the category's second largest share. In soap, bath and shower, private label growth rates exceed those of Procter & Gamble and Henkel.

"The real opportunity is developing high-quality private label brands with emotionally driven, winning fragrances that compete successfully against any challenger, including national brands," says Steve Tanner. "Our development process brings key emotional and performance factors together in a unique sensory platform that helps marketers connect strongly with consumers to create customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, while enhancing their relationships with key retailers."

Arylessence perfumers, evaluators, and marketing specialists develop fragrance-driven sensory brands in a team-based environment with in-house experts on retail partnerships, private label management, and new business development.

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Arylessence is a leading fragrance and flavor company known for creative innovation in beauty and cosmetics, personal care, laundry and household products, air care, and pharmaceuticals, as well as prepared foods, beverages, and oral care, lip care, and confectionary products. Leaders in the design of natural and organic fragrances, as well as sustainably-produced scents for today's environmentally sensitive products, Arylessence perfumers, application scientists and marketing experts work closely with clients in a multi-disciplinary, team-based environment. Arylessence provides marketing resources, proprietary developmental processes, and strategic insights to help clients achieve product differentiation, consumer preference, and market leadership. For more about Arylessence:


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