Nidec Techno Motor Completes Phase 1 Construction of Fukui Technical Center, and Announces Phase 2 Expansion Plan

KYOTO, Japan, July 18, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nidec Corporation (NYSE:NJ) today announced that one of its subsidiaries and a leading air-conditioning and industrial motor manufacturer, Nidec Techno Motor Corporation ("NTMC"), completed Phase 1 construction of Fukui Technical Center (the "Center") in Obama City, Fukui, Japan in March 2013. The Center began operations in May 2013 and has moved into the planning stage of construction on Phase 2.

NTMC is seeing a strong increase in order intake for its air-conditioning motors from China and now set to expand its business into Thailand, India, Turkey, the Middle East, South America, and North America to generate more than 100 billion yen in sales in FY2016. The construction of the Center is intended to bolster NTMC's product development capabilities, a vital part of NTMC initiatives to make all aspects of its operations aligned towards the FY2016 revenue target.

The details of the Center are as follows:

1. Overview
Address: 36-1-1 Onyu, Obama City, Fukui, Japan
Lot area: Approx. 45,000 square meters
-Development of small- and medium-sized motors for air conditioning systems
-Advanced development of products aimed at global markets and emerging economies
-Design of mass-production lines and technical support for overseas factories
2. Facility scale (Phase 1, March 2013)
Building: Approx. 6,600 square meters
Floor space:
-Research facility: 3 stories above ground (Approx. 3,800 square meters)
-Testing facility: 1 story above ground (Approx. 2,800 square meters)
Employees: Approx. 350 people
3. Outline of Phase 2 construction plan
New building: Approx. 10,000 square meters
Floor space:
-Research facility: 3 stories above ground (Approx. 10,000 square meters)
-Employees: Approx. 650 people (expected to increase up to 700 employees in 2020 and over 1,000 in 2025).
(Phase 1 and 2 combined)
-Total floor space: 16,600 square meters
-Total employees: Approx. 1,000 people
4. Schedule for Phase 2 construction
-Groundbreaking: May 2014
-Completion: March 2015
5. Total investment for Phase 2 construction: 5 billion yen

CONTACT: Masahiro Nagayasu General Manager Investor Relations +81-75-935-6140

Source:Nidec Corporation