Playing ‘down and out countries’

Despite emerging markets taking a beating so far in 2013, there's still money to be made in two broad categories of opportunity, Lewis Kaufman of Thornburg Investments said Friday.

"Southeast Asia is 20 percent of the Developing World Fund," he said. "It's about 10 percent of the MSCI Emerging Markets, so countries like the Philippines, Thailand, for the less risk-averse, maybe a place like Indonesia. I think that's a part of the world where in general GDP growth is still 5 percent. I think in the Philippines, it still has some potential to surprise positively."

On CNBC's "Fast Money," Kaufman said that the second area comprised "countries that are down and out of favor," which is where investors would do well "to lean against the grain a little bit."

India was his top play in this category.

"It benefits from lower energy and commodity prices, and gold prices are falling as well," Kaufman added.

In Thailand, he said, infrastructure and lower interest rates would benefit a company such as Airports of Thailand.

"That's a real robust story for international tourism," Kaufman said.

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