Cramer's Game Plan: Stock strategies as earnings bombard Street

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Huge earnings are coming in the week ahead. Hotly anticipated earnings from companies such as Apple, McDonald's and Boeing are scheudled.

Also the sheer number of reports will be enormous. Between July 22nd and July 26th, at least 434 companies are scheduled to report.

Are you ready?

Cramer wants you to be prepared. Following you'll find Cramer's Game Plan.


The health of the consumer takes center stage Monday morning with results from McDonald's. "Many are expecting a weak number," said Cramer. "If we get one and the stock sells off, I'd think about buying. This is a fabulous company that's doing many things right—innovating, opening new hours. I say bet with MacDonald's, not against it."

Also on Monday the stock Wall Street loves to hate will report. "We hear from Netflix, which I call a cult stock," Cramer said. "It's very hard to game this kind of stock on earnings." The Mad Money likes Netflix, but not necessarily as an earnings play.

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Industrials steal the spotlight on Tuesday. "DuPont reports and I believe the earnings won't actually be that good," Cramer said. "However, I like the company for the long-term. If it sells off, the pullback might be an opportunity."

Also Wall Street hears from a former sweetheart. "After the close Tuesday we get Apple. My trust owns some, it's cheap. However, only if they have a killer new product do I think can it can go substantially higher—I'll be listening for clues."


The health of the auto business will capture Cramer's attention as Ford reports. " I want to know if Europe is under control," Cramer explained. "If it is, then I think this stock is going to soar."

Consumer spending will also land center stage with results from PepsiCo. "I think the stock is ahead of itself, but I also agree with billionaire investor Nelson Peltz that Pepsico can get to $105 on its own."

After the close, Cramer will be listening to results from what he calls 'one of the most hated stocks out there' – Facebook. "Last quarter the company delivered an upside surprise on almost every single metric and it still got hammered. Now, after Google struggled with mobile in its quarter, even if Facebook says they're hitting it out of the park, no one will believe them. My trust owns this one for long term speculation, but I think it will be despised no matter what, at least for now."

Also Boeing reports and the Street will likely be parsing through the report with a fine tooth comb after recent issues with the 777. "I urge you to think of Boeing for the long-term. As long as the price oil, the biggest cost for the airlines, stays high, as long as air transit is a growth business, which it was even through the great recession, then you will want to own Boeing," Cramer said.

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Biotech comes into play on Thursday. "Celgene reports and I think we'll hear almost all good things because there are so many promising drugs in its pipeline," Cramer said.

Industrials will also come into focus with earnings from 3M. "I think it may be time to ring the register, but only so you can buy it back at lower levels if the quarter is weak," Cramer said.

Also Cramer will be watching results from Bristol-Myers. "I'm hoping the stock will pull back so I can buy it for my charitable trust," Cramer said.

In addition Amazon reports. "Unless they tell you that they will never make money ever, people seem to be happy with it," Cramer said.


Housing will land on Cramer's radar on Friday with earnings from Stanley Black & Decker and Weyerhaeuser. "I agree with what I heard from billionaire investor John Paulson and CNBC's Delivering Alpha Conference. He's a big bull on housing and these are two of the highest quality housing plays out there. However, I can't tell you to buy them ahead of their quarters because if rates go up again between now and Friday, these stocks will sell-off no matter what, but definitely keep an eye on them."

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