Heineken: This round (trip ticket) is on us

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Heineken wants to buy air travelers a free round—but this freebie comes with catch.

In an unusual marketing campaign, the global beer brand isn't buying beer drinkers a round on the house, it's looking to send travelers on a round-trip journey to places they've likely never been before.

To help make that happen, Heineken set up a departure board in Terminal 8 at JFK airport last week and offering passengers the chance to take a trip to exotic destinations around the world.

The catch? You don't get to choose your destination and you have to depart right at that moment.

Calling it "Departure Roulette," Heineken officials spent the week at JFK looking for adventurous souls willing to cancel their planned itineraries for the chance to jet off to an unknown destination.

Travelers willing to take their chances hit a button on a game-show style board to reveal the destination they'd be heading.

The marketing stunt was designed to promote Henineken's "Dropped" campaign, an online series in which four men are sent to remote destinations around the world and the challenges they face when they arrive are filmed.

So did anyone take the plunge? Take a look:

-By CNBC's Tom Rotunno. Follow him on Twitter @TomRotunno.