Frankfort Chiropractor Announces Free Nutrition Workshop Tuesday, July 30

FRANKFORT, Ill., July 21, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Frankfort chiropractor Dr. Scott Stratton will be hosting a free nutritional counseling workshop on Tuesday, July 30. The workshop will teach participants how to proactively shop for healthy whole foods that protect themselves and their families from disease. Dr. Stratton will debunk common myths about diet foods, sports drinks and other marketed 'healthy foods' that are actually harmful to the body's health. He will discuss new studies from researchers at Stanford and the University of Texas about the dangers of processed foods and their link to health problems. The chiropractic clinic's workshop will include tips for how to purchase healthy foods at the grocery store.

Individuals who are overweight, are struggling with chronic health problems, or simply wish to learn more about nutrition are invited to attend a free nutritional workshop at Advanced Chiropractic Wellness Center. Frankfort chiropractor Dr. Scott Stratton will be hosting the one hour workshop on Tuesday, July 30th at 7pm.

"Diabetes and obesity are already an epidemic in this country, and allergies, bowel problems and depression are not far behind," said Dr. Stratton. "All of these health problems are closely tied to diet. This workshop will educate individuals about the dangers of processed foods and teach them how to make health food choices."

Topics to be addressed include the difference between real food and food byproducts. Dr. Stratton will also discuss the truth behind so-called diet foods. "Just because foods are low-fat and low-calorie, does not necessarily make them healthy," says Dr. Stratton. He goes on to add, "Certain diet foods are anything but healthy," said Dr. Stratton. "They may be low in fat, but they are packed with added sugars and empty calories bereft of any nutritional value. The same is true for sports drinks, which are packed with sugars, artificial colors and ingredients. There is no real nutritional value in any of these foods."

Dr. Stratton will also discuss the benefits of an organic diet and how to determine whether fruits and vegetables are organically grown, based on their sticker labels. The chiropractor will answer questions about genetically engineered foods, including how to identify them in the grocery store.

"Our chiropractic clinic is committed to educating and empowering individuals to make positive, healthy choices," said Dr. Stratton. "Study after study underscores the importance of eating a whole foods diet rich in vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, and lean protein. After this workshop, individuals with have the tools they need to shop the supermarket for healthy foods. One does not have to spend a fortune on food in order to eat organic, healthy meals."

Advanced Chiropractic Wellness Center provides whole body wellness services, including nutrition counseling, natural pain management and injury rehabilitation. Individuals may learn more about these services at the chiropractic clinic's website, http://www.drscottstratton.com/.

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