Patients Benefit From Chiropractic Treatment for Lake Worth Boating Injuries

LAKE WORTH, Fla., July 21, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For individuals who have sustained a Lake Worth boating injury, chiropractic care may be able to help manage back pain, neck pain and other health problems following the injury. According to Lake Worth chiropractor Dr. Jack Cacic, water sport and boating injuries can occur even when boating participants take appropriate safety precautions. While avoiding the water altogether may not be practical, seeking prompt care for an injury can make a difference. From capsizing to collisions with floating objects due to waterskiing or body surfing, chiropractic care is an alternative treatment for managing pain and supporting the body's injury recovery process.

Summertime brings an increase in watersport and boating injuries, says Lake Worth chiropractor Dr. Jack Cacic, and without proper treatment after these injuries, patients may experience chronic pain for months, warns the chiropractor.

As part of his commitment to patient education, Dr. Cacic is reaching out to Lake Worth boating injury victims to educate them about their different treatment options and the importance of prompt care.

"Lake Worth boating injuries can have a devastating impact on an individual's health," said Dr. Cacic. "Sadly, a fun afternoon on the water can quickly turn serious should a boat capsize or a water skiing accident occur. All water and boating injuries needs prompt diagnostic care in order to prevent long-term pain and health problems."

Many boating injuries affect the musculoskeletal system. Whiplash injuries can occur when individuals are knocked off water skis and jet skis. The impact of an individual hitting the water, combined with the initial thrust off the water sports equipment, can thrust the cervical spine out of alignment.

"While most people associate whiplash with car accidents, whiplash is also a lead cause of neck pain following a Lake Worth boating injury," said Dr. Cacic. "Just like after a car accident injury, chiropractic care provides important neck pain management benefits."

According to Dr. Cacic, spinal adjustments are beneficial for restoring proper cervical spine alignment after the boating injury. As long as the spine remains out of alignment, pressure on nearby nerves and muscles will continue to trigger pain, causing soreness and stiffness.

Spinal misalignments can also cause back pain and headaches. Without prompt care, Dr. Cacic warns that these injuries can lead to persistent, ongoing pain. While medication may provide initial pain relief, Dr. Cacic says that drugs are not a long-term pain management solution.

"Drugs numb the brain's perception of pain," said Dr. Cacic. "Once drugs wear off, pain will return. Chiropractic care, however, can correct the misalignments that are triggering pain in the first place, providing long-term relief."

The chiropractor says patients may also benefit from complementary therapies, such as massage therapy and physical therapy.

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