MACOM Extends GaN Leadership With Industry's First Dual Source Supply Chain

LOWELL, Mass., July 22, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. (MACOM), a leading supplier of high performance RF, microwave, and millimeter wave products, today announced that it has entered into a technology transfer and licensing agreement with Global Communications Semiconductors, LLC, (GCS) for its 0.5 µm, 0.25 µm and 0.15 µm GaN technologies to be ported to MACOM's Lowell, Massachusetts facility. The agreement establishes MACOM as the only company in the industry that can provide customers with true copy exact dual sourcing for high performance GaN devices. This industry first GaN sourcing strategy provides customers with surety of supply for enabling GaN technology adoption into mainstream programs.

Today's system challenges are pushing beyond current performance boundaries, and demand higher power, higher efficiency, and higher linearity performance over ever increasing bandwidth requirements. GaN is the next disruptive semiconductor technology allowing solution providers to dramatically increase system performance while reducing size, weight and power consumption (SWAP) across a variety of functions and applications.

The 0.5, 0.25 and 0.15 µm GaN process technologies enable device performance up to 40 GHz with high voltage, high power density and high efficiency operation. These technologies drive leading edge performance across a broad range of functions enabling advances in both aerospace and defense as well as commercial applications.

  • 0.5 µm process technology is ideal for avionics, L and S band radar, LMR and military communications and ISM applications
  • 0.25 µm process technology will enable the next generation of S – Ku Band radar, datalinks, electronic warfare, VSAT and point to point communications applications
  • 0.15 µm process technology is ideal for Ku – Ka Band radar and communications enabling the modern battlefield, electronic warfare, SATCOM and munitions applications.

The addition of these new GaN processes to MACOM's domestic semiconductor facility will further enhance the company's strong semiconductor technology base.

"GaN is a key technology enabler for high-growth applications in several commercial and defense-related markets," said John Croteau, President and CEO of MACOM. "This dual-source agreement between MACOM and GCS unlocks one of the remaining barriers to mainstream market adoption by providing a secure supply chain."

"We are pleased to be working with a leader like MACOM, who understands what is needed to reduce GaN to commercially viable solutions," said Brian Ann, CEO of GCS. "Our portfolio of 0.5µm to 0.15µm GaN technologies provide leadership performance across a vast array of RF, microwave and millimeter wave applications."

Specific terms of the agreement were not disclosed.


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