Gain Competitive Edge Thru Executive Development, Says RHR International

CHICAGO, July 22, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mention Executive Development and most people immediately think of a process aimed at helping a mid or senior level manager cultivate skills needed for promotion. Many are surprised to learn that individual growth is actually only one of the overall benefits of a well-organized Executive Development plan. The key is a comprehensive program to identify and develop high potential executives early so that "potential" turns into "profit."

In the latest edition of its publication Executive Insight, RHR International outlines how a properly designed Executive Development program can determine how the entire talent pool of a business can contribute collectively to the organization's long-term fiscal health.

"Chief executive officers readily acknowledge that they need the right leaders in the right roles to deliver against the corporate strategy," says Dr. Jessica Bigazzi Foster, Global Practice Leader – Executive Development at RHR International. "The real purpose of a successful talent management program is to help the CEO accomplish that goal now and in the future."

Rather than being triggered by any singular event in one person's career, Executive Development should plug into a continuous monitoring of an organization's overall leadership strength. Regular talent audits can confirm that key individuals are ready and capable to meet both current and future business requirements. By taking a pro-active, holistic approach (customized to meet each company's unique leadership needs), programs can be introduced that not only ensure the readiness of high potential assets for future roles, but accelerate the performance of incumbents.

For additional details on how to create a program for the continuous monitoring of your organization's overall executive health, download the complete issue, entitled "Executive Development: A Vital Lynchpin to Talent Management."


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