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Steven A. Cohen
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Steven A. Cohen

Hot reads around the horn:

Let the SAC snark begin. Steven Cohen's white-paper defense of insider trading charges is "creepily compelling," says Dealbreaker's Matt Levine. Steve Cohen Got Nonpublic Information All Day Long, Didn't Think It Was A Big Deal

Admit it: You want Anthony Weiner to win the New York mayor's race just to see how far there the Gotham tabs will go. Today's entry by the Post: Carlos the Jerkel.

President Barack Obama has a big economic speech on tap Wednesday at Knox College in Galesburg, Ill., and Investor's Business Daily thinks he should 'fess up and say, "I realize I was wrong. About everything." Good luck with that, guys. The Economic Speech Obama Ought To Give

Meredith Whitney is back to say "See! See! I told you so." Whitney's call in late 2010 that the muni bond market was about to explode seriously dented her credibility, but she takes the time in the Financial Times to wag her finger and warn that Detroit's bankruptcy is not a "one-off" event. (Whitney declined comment about Detroit when I emailed her Friday as she was "out of the country," where she apparently is a lot these days.) The read here is a pickup from's Matt Clinch Detroit not a one-off, aftershocks will be staggering: Whitney

A firm called Panther Energy Trading has been cited for running afoul of the Commodity Exchange Act's "spoofing" provisions, which punish firms caught offering bids with the intent to cancel later. The smart guys over at Themis Trading say the case is small but could be a shot across the bow against the high-frequency trading evil empire. Caveat Spoofers!!!

And finally ... we're way behind the curve in the Candy Crush Saga mania, but Jake Barach at Minyanville at least explains how not to get swindled once you start climbing the multi-colored ladder. Apple Inc. and Candy Crush Saga Profit From a Facebook Connectivity Loophole

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