Andrews International Introduces Stalker Shield 365

LOS ANGELES, July 24, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Andrews International is offering a new program designed for celebrities and other, high-profile potential targets of stalkers – Stalker Shield 365.

In the world of celebrities, there are fans, superfans, and the few that cross the line – celebrity stalkers. Stalking encompasses a constellation of unwanted, intrusive and frightening behaviors, many of which are beyond the scope and resources of law enforcement. The role of police does not include either risk mitigation analysis or long-term threat management; police take action after a crime has occurred, when their job is to collect evidence for the prosecution.

Stalker Shield 365 is a multi-faceted protection program that combines proactive stalker threat assessment, expert security consultation and training, and crisis management coverage. Stalker Shield 365 has been developed by Andrews International, in partnership with Exceptional Risk Advisors, LLC and Griffin Underwriting Limited. Andrews International is a top security company known for personal protection services and crisis management consulting. Exceptional Risk Advisors specializes in developing insurance products to meet the needs of entertainers, athletes, corporate executives and other high-income professionals. Griffin Underwriting Limited supports insurance needs for high net worth individuals and others who require specialist underwriting expertise and access to the security of the Lloyd's of London Market. Together, these three firms have devised a comprehensive stalker protection solution.

Clients protected by Stalker Shield 365 have 24 hour support from the Andrews International Consulting and Investigations (C &I) team. The Andrews International C &I team has managed threats against high net worth individuals in the United States and around the globe for decades. Their expertise includes celebrity and executive protection, kidnap and ransom response, and evacuation operations.

The C &I team's proactive risk analysis services are a key element of Stalker Shield 365 coverage, including: prompt threat assessment and response; critical training for insureds and their employees; and an initial examination of the insured's current physical security operations with recommendations for improvement.

In the event of stalking incidents, Stalker Shield 365 provides up to 200 hours of threat management consultation and security guard training, along with a preferred rate discount on security services and consulting and investigations requested outside the coverage. In the event the insured is kidnapped, detained or involved in a hijacking, the Stalker Shield 365 kidnap and ransom policy also provides the support of an expert Andrews International crisis management team to assist with that specific scenario for as long as the case may last.

With Stalker Shield 365, Andrews International brings celebrities and other at-risk individuals an innovative, first of its kind stalking solution that merges access to high limit insurance coverage with pro-active threat assessment, 24 hour support, and long-term threat management from one of the world's best security companies.


Exceptional Risk Advisors is an experienced team of insurance professionals that specializes in developing, underwriting, and processing insurance products for advisors with prosperous clients including entertainers, athletes, corporate executives, and professionals. The Mahwah, New Jersey based company partners with certain underwriters at Lloyd's of London, as well as other domestic carriers, establishing unprecedented capabilities with regards to writing high limit policies. With coverage for exceptional risks, and benefits amounts above and beyond what traditional disability and life insurance companies can offer, Exceptional Risk Advisors caters to a sophisticated network of producers, agents and brokers.


Griffin Underwriting Limited writes a number of classes, mainly Special Contingency Insurance and Marine Piracy Insurance. Their clients are high net worth individuals, ship owners, charterers and companies requiring specialist underwriting experience and access to excellent security in the London Market. The company is re-insured 100% with certain underwriters at Lloyd's of London, rated A (Excellent) by Bests.

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