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SACRAMENTO, Calif., July 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The research and development unit at the California DMV Licensing Department recently selected the E-Seek M310 handheld ID scanner for use by the Sacramento, CA Police Department in a year-long study that the Sacramento PD was doing related to suspended and revoked drivers in California.

The Model 310S introduces a new performance standard for portable ID card reading with built-in auto focus camera and flash light. The Model 310S reads one- and two-dimensional barcodes (PDF417), 3-track magnetic stripe. A fast 32-bit processor running Windows CE 6.0 provides fast and efficient application software development.

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According to Kelly Parrish, lead researcher in the DMV, eight devices of the M310 ID scanner, which runs with VeriScan-Plus mobile software, were selected for the first phase of the Sacramento research study to scan drivers' licenses at checkpoints, after which the scanned data is verified, collected and exported via user friendly interface.

Ms Kelly said that the selections were made following testing by her research team of all the portable ID readers they could find and coming to the conclusion that the E-Seek/ID Scanner M310 handheld scanner was the lightest and the most reliable product that they could find.

In addition to its use by the Sacramento PD, according to Denis Petrov, managing partner of of Metaire, LA, the M310 has been sold to casinos in Atlantic City and hundreds of other clients. It was built for the single goal of scanning IDs such as drivers' licenses, military IDs and other forms of ID such as Canadian health forms, and it sets a new performance standard for portable ID card reading, in which ID information can be captured quickly while dealing face to face with the customer.

Weighing less than a pound, the M310 has a number of customizable options, including the ability to collect phone number, email address and interests, also known as "tags". There is a built-in camera, and the device can do multiple scans, display addresses, verify age, and collect demographic data as well. When a person's age is shown in green, it means that they're over the minimum age, but when a red flashing light comes on, the person is either under the legal age or the license has expired, or the individual may be a member of a group that has been banned.

Other features and benefits include the M310's ability to create a log with exact time information, enter customer's phone number, email address and comments, display or hide an address from the main screen, produce an instant report on the mobile device or email export the log field directly from VS applications, so there is no need to set up the email client. The device can also scan magnetic stripe IDs, which are still available in some states.

The VeriScan Plus program additionally offers the ability to implement password protect options, settings, reports and export; create privacy settings for saving demographic data only or hiding ID#; setting up a Custom Agreement and Signature for every ID scan; and the ability to edit/update address for every scan.

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