Photo Release -- NeuroMama, LTD. Adds Free Company Stock to Loyalty Rewards Premium Package; Reveals Details of Soon-To-Be-Released Multi-Platform Neuro Web Browser

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Company Says Look Out Chrome, Firefox & Safari Our Browser Is On The Way To The Dance

NOVOSIBIRSK, Russia, July 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Neuromama, LTD, developer of the revolutionary and fast growing neural-technology-based search engine, today announced the immediate launch of a giveawayprogram that will reward its most loyal users with one million free shares of NeuroMama stock valued at approximately $20 million based on the issue's July 24 closing price of $20 per share.

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In other news, the company also revealed the eminent release of a neural-technology based desktop browser for adults and related mobile platform browser apps for both adults and children.

"The decision to give away free shares of stock was really a no-brainer," Igor Weselovsky, Neuromama, LTD's President and CEO said. "We're in the process of creating a family and what better way to attract people to join it than by giving them the opportunity to own a piece of the action."

Under the terms of the giveaway, which is part of NeuroMama's overall Frequent Searcher Rewards (FSR) program, FSR members will receive one (1) share of NeuroMama, LTD common stock for every 100 web searches initiated from, the company's financial information site.

To level the playing field and allow the maximum number of members to earn shares, no more than twenty searches a day will be counted toward the requisite number of points needed, each participant shall be limited to earning a maximum of ten shares and shares will only be awarded to the first 100,000 FSR members who successfully comply with the terms of the offer.

Weselovsky noted that all the searches must be completed by December 1st, 2013 and that the winner's shares would be held electronically In Book Entry form, with data on its market position and current value available to the winning stockholders at all times.

Other premiums available to's Frequent Searcher Rewards program members include gift certificates for up to 90 percent off the world's most advanced Android tablets, unlocked,multinational Android smart phones and luxury vacation packages.

"But premiums and awards are only nice perks," Weselovsky added. "They aren't going to be what motivates Internet power and casual users alike to change their default search engine from GOOGLE, YAHOO and BING to motivation will come from the superiority of the experience …from cleaner, more accurate and less repetitive search returns."

According to Weselovsky, NeuroMama's second Web-centric product, a new-generation browser named NeuroBrowser, should launch within a matter of weeks.

"People are bound to ask why the world needs another browser, but we see the need quite clearly," Weselovsky said. "To us Internet Explorer's 55 percent of the browser market isn't a negative, it's a positive because it shows that 45 percent of the world's hundreds of millions of Web users believe IE simply does not meet their needs.

"Yet despite this demonstrated desire for a better – or at least different – browsing experience than the one Microsoft is offering, it's largest competitor, Firefox, is stuck at around a 21 percent share and Google Chrome, which has been as relentless promoted as any product in Internet history for six long years, is still not able to muster even a 20 percent share," Weselovsky noted."Every metric we studied showed a substantial pent up demand for a better browser, particularly a cross-platform browser whose mobile apps effective mimic the feature sets and speed of the desktop version. We believe NeuroBrowserwill inevitably become the dominant number two browser on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones."

Weselovsky also noted that the NeuroBrowser mobile apps will be available in two versions, a full-function adult version and a parentally controlled version for children. More than just a standard browser with a so-called "safe search" add-on,NeuroBrowser will come preloaded with links to thousands of outstanding young people's websites. It will also feature a password-protected control panel from which parents can easily add sites to the banned list, limit the hours their child is allowed to use the browser and otherwise become a pro-active partner in helping keep children from cyber-predators.


NeuroMama, LTD, owns search engine based on neural technology, vested in streaming media and proceeding with implementation of the browser, online shopping mall (similar to as well as deploying an advanced, next-generation Internet Content Distribution Platform (CDP) that will offer e-commerce merchants and entertainment programmers the most secure, fastest, and robust delivery system yet developed.

Frequent Searcher Awards program, modeled on the airline industry's tried and proven Frequent Flier incentive programs, to enable to easily break all previous usage and growth records for search engine launches.


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