Morning six-pack: Here's what we're reading

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You want good reads? We've got good reads:

Wall Street water coolers got plenty of traffic Thursday after U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara and a law enforcement cast of (seemingly) thousands charged SAC Capital with a bevy of insider trading violations. Big picture, according to the Daily Beast's Filipa Ioannou, is there were three losers and two winners. Indictment of SAC Capital Creates Economic Losers and Winners

Detroit is back! Erm, well not really. But even if the city is flat-on-its-back broke, the auto industry (thanks to a huuuuge assist from Uncle Sam) is doing just fine, thank you. USA Today's Chris Woodyard explains. Big 3 automakers thrive even as Detroit falters

And speaking of Detroit...the city's woes are not unique. Many other cities are using same dubious practices to ensure their demise, according to Forbes contributor John Goodman. Detroit Is A Dying Example Of How All Ponzi Schemes End

The Murphy's Law of the financial world is always to expect the worst, according to Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein.'s Katie Holliday explains. Goldman CEO on risk: The worst 'absolutely will happen'

Looking for signs the zombie rally is near its demise? Mark Hulbert at Barron's has a few. 3 Signs the Market Is Near a Top

And finally...we've been making fun of France for so long without even knowing it was a crime to insult its president. Now it isn't, according to the Daily Mail. Yay, France. Being rude to President of France now allowed

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