West Greenwich Veterinarian Stresses Importance of Good Pet Dental Health

WEST GREENWICH, R.I., July 28, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Up to two-thirds of cats and dogs have some type of gum or dental disease. Most pet owners are not even aware of this situation, warns Dr. Ralph Pratt DVM and the team of veterinarians with West Greenwich Animal Hospital in West Greenwich, Rhode Island. Left untreated, gum and tooth disease in dogs and cats can cause pain, lead pets to have difficulty eating and eventually cause kidney failure and death. Dr. Pratt says, "Good pet dental care needs to be a part of every pet wellness regimen."

Like dental disease in humans, pet dental disease is caused by bacteria. Fortunately, most cases of pet dental disease progress very gradually. When caught early, pet dental disease can be treated without more serious results from occurring. Dr. Pratt urges all pet owners to include pet dental cleanings and checkups during their regular veterinary wellness visits.

Pet owners can also check at home for signs of gum and dental disease which will be notable by inflammation or infection. Other indications of pet dental problems are a pet that stops eating or looks like he is in pain when he eats, a pet that drools and a pet that has stopped grooming himself. The veterinarians want to raise awareness for pet owners that with both at-home and in-office care, dental problems do not have to be an issue of health for their pets.

Most animal hospital's pet dental services address various issues regarding oral hygiene and gum disease with prevention as the key factor in good dental health. In more severe cases, the veterinarians may recommend pet dental surgery for tooth extraction.

"We encourage pet owners to maintain their pet's dental health at home with regular teeth brushing and healthy treats. However, if and when a problem does arise, we are here to do everything possible to help pets stay healthy and that includes their dental care," says Dr. Pratt.

West Greenwich Animal Hospital was founded in 1995 and is a full-service veterinary clinic. The team of six veterinarians, led by Dr. Pratt, offers services in addition to pet dentistry including acute and wellness care, pet surgery, spay and neuter procedures, pet dermatology.

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