Chula Vista Veterinarians Stress Importance of Summer Flea and Tick Prevention

CHULA VISTA, Calif., July 28, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Chula Vista veterinary clinic is sounding the alarm to pet owners about the need to protect their pets against fleas and ticks this summer. According to Dr. Jagpal Deo of South Bay Veterinary Hospital, these common but potentially deadly pests can prove particularly troublesome during the summer months, partly because animals and their owners spend more time outdoors. "We urge people to put their pets on medication now, because it is always easier to prevent a problem than to treat it after the fact," says Dr. Deo.

The veterinarian states that fleas and ticks are far more than a mere irritant as far as animal health is concerned; these creatures are capable of transmitting not only diseases but other, smaller parasites as well. "Fleas were the principal transmitter of the bubonic plague that devastated Europe centuries ago, and they can also introduce tapeworm larvae into the bloodstream of an animal," he says. Dr. Deo adds that very small, young or sick pets may experience anemia or even die from a sufficiently severe case of fleas. Ticks, known for their tendency to attach themselves onto the skin and become engorged from consuming the host's blood, transmit the most diseases of any external pest in the United States according to the Chula Vista vet, who cites erlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease as just a few of the most notorious illnesses it spreads. To make matters worse, he says, both creatures can cause allergic reactions such as skin irritation, compelling the pet to scratch at the skin until an open wound invites bacterial infections.

Dr. Deo claims that the summer months present special infestation hazards for pets. He notes that many pet owners plan more outdoor activities for their families and may decide to take the family pet along on vacations. "Fleas, for instance, thrive in tall thick grass where they can hide from direct sunlight. So you can imagine how vulnerable your dog is to infestations if you take him out camping or hiking," he says. A trip to the local dog park can also boost the odds of infestation. Dr. Deo adds that even an unkempt back yard in the summertime can provide pests with the shelter, heat, and humidity they need to become active and seek out a host.

Dr. Deo recommends that pet owners place their pets on monthly preventative medications that kill fleas and ticks at various stages of development, a service offered at South Bay Veterinary Hospital. He also advises them to mow their lawns and vacuum pet bedding regularly to discourage pest proliferation.

In addition to pest prevention, South Bay Veterinary Hospital provides other forms of wellness care such as grooming, dental care, dietary management, vaccinations and lab work, as well as surgical treatment and stem cell therapy.

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