Cramer: Market loves this comeback story

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Nobody wants to hold a stock that's fallen out of favor. But that doesn't mean an unloved stock should be ignored all together.

When Wall Street forgives, it can forgive in a big way.

That seems to be the case with RR Donnelley.

The stock had declined steadily into 2012, with the Street worried that R.R. Donnelley was ostensibly an old-fashioned commercial printing company that would become obsolete in an increasingly digital world.

However, the Street has recently come to believe there's more to business and now bulls just can't get enough. Shares have surged over 75% year to date.

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"See, R.R. Donnelley is the largest player in an incredibly fragmented market. They have a fabulous business putting together financial statements, where they are by far the most trusted firm out there," Cramer explained.

Also, print publishing remains a $110 billion industry.

In addition, "R.R. Donnelley has been outsourcing and moving operations overseas where it's cheaper to do business, including seven facilities in China," Cramer said. Therefore costs are coming down.

And future business looks promising. "The company serves 100% of the Fortune 100," Cramer said. If anyone has money to spend, it's these companies and R.R. Donnelley has been exploiting its relationships to the fullest.

On top of all that, Cramer said RR Donnelley is actively trying to leverage the migration to digital. "They have an e-book business where they transform all things publishing into e-book format and then distribute them."

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Add up all these catalyst and Cramer thinks you get nothing short of a comeback story with more chapters to come. "Long-term, I think it could have more room to run," Cramer said.

The latest results reported after the bell Monday seem to confirm the thesis. Although profit declined, net sales improved 1.7% to $2.57 billion.

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