Morning six-pack: Here's what we're reading

Downtown Detroit
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Downtown Detroit

Data deluge, earnings onslaught, Fed fever ... what to read, what to read ...

Here's something: A debt crisis is a debt crisis is a debt crisis, and Detroit and Europe have more in common than you think. (Hmmm ... sounds familiar) Naked Capitalism has a post from two University of Denver professors, who break it all down. Fiscal Crises: Coming To A City Near You?

The Reuters Twitter account was hacked in an apparent attack from the pro-Assad Syrian Electronic Army. More importantly, though, hackers also attacked The Onion, which offers up vitally important Tips On How To Prevent Your Major Media Site From Being Hacked.

Sony treats its entertainment division like a "red-headed stepchild," according to Dan Loeb. When you're a billionaire hedge fund dude, you get to kick the stuffing out of big companies. The FT reports. Daniel Loeb ratchets up push to force Sony to split

Aren't fast food jobs with crappy pay part of the American fabric? Maybe not (though the monthly nonfarm payrolls reports strongly suggest the symbiosis continues). Fast food workers in NYC strike for higher wages, better benefits, right to unionize

All this talk about food is making us hungry here at NetNet. Good thing commodities are breaking down, as these scary charts from The Armo Trader blog tell us.

And finally ... Investors brace for the Great Taper Caper. CNBC's Steve Liesman reports that Wall Street pros believe a fall taper is already priced into markets.

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