Invoiceware International Announces Record Revenue Growth in the First Half of 2013

Invoiceware International

Atlanta, July 30, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Invoiceware International, the leader in Latin America electronic invoicing, today announced that they achieved record growth in the first half of 2013. Driven by a series of new customer wins, ever changing legislation in Latin America electronic invoicing policy, and the addition of new country processes including Brazil Eventos and Chile DTE; Invoiceware achieved over 300% growth compared to the same period in 2012.

"Our continued success among the Fortune 2000 is attributed to the completeness of our vision for providing multinationals with a simpler way to maintain electronic invoicing compliance in Latin America," said the company's President & CEO, Scott Lewin. "We are currently the only vendor in the marketplace solving the end-to-end business problems attributed to government mandates in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Chile."

The Invoiceware International solution simplifies Latin America electronic invoice compliance by providing:

A Single Platform for Multiple Countries:

Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Best Practices: Invoiceware packages both outbound and inbound into a single deployment to ensure full compliance unlike many vendors that just focus on one side of the problem.

Deep ERP Integration with Rapid Deployment Templates - Compliance mandates, such as those in Mexico and Brazil are complex business processes that require process configurations to the internal ERP system. Unfortunately, this is the most underestimated part of any project. By pre-packaging the ERP configuration, integration, and operations into a Rapid Deployment Template; Invoiceware International eliminates the project and IT burdens today as well as in the future when changes occur again.

Guaranteed Compliance - The network as well as the ERP extensions are kept compliant with all future government changes as part of the managed service.

Enterprise Support - Local teams can access support in Spanish and Portuguese, while global teams and corporate headquarters can access support in English.

About Invoiceware International

Invoiceware International is the leader in Latin American electronic invoicing and operates The Compliance Network, a cloud-based platform that delivers financial and supply chain managers the regulatory processes that they need while eliminating ERP configurations and customizations for the IT staff. A single connection to the network simplifies the mandates, the implementation and the ongoing change management associated with regulations in the Americas, including Brazil Nota Fiscal, Mexico SAT, Argentina AFIP and Chilean DTE. Invoiceware International is headquartered in Atlanta with operations worldwide. For more information, visit: www.invoicewareint.com

CONTACT: PR Contacts: Steve Sprague Product Strategy & Marketing Invoiceware International 678-766-1210 Steve.sprague@invoicewareint.com

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