Recipe for disaster: The most dangerous dish?

Roast Beef
Lee Pettet | Getty Images
Roast Beef

The traditional Sunday roast beef – with all the trimmings – is the most dangerous dish to cook, according to research conducted in the U.K. by a global insurance group, which ranked beans on toast as the safest meal of all.

Zurich insurance assessed U.K. culinary favorites as part of its audit of hazards in the kitchen, where more than 50 percent of accidental fires in the home begin. It looked at factors including the number of knifes required, the potential for pans to boil over and the chance of burns caused by hot oil or oven heat.

British favorite chicken tikka masala was the second riskiest dish to prepare, followed by the "full English" breakfast and fish and chips.

Accident-prone home cooks might be safest to stick to more basic meals, such as boiled eggs or beans on toast, according to Zurich.

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The growing popularity of celebrity chefs like Heston Blumenthal meant people were "getting experimental" when cooking, Phil Ost, a director in Zurich's home insurance division said. "Our assessment shows that it's the more you have going on at once when cooking which is likely to result in an accident – with the greatest danger being a fire."

"It's not surprising that the Sunday roast dinner - often described as being like a 'military operation' - tops the list of Britain's riskiest dishes," Ost added.

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