Morning six-pack: What we're reading Thursday

Larry Summers
Jim Davis | Boston Globe | Getty Images
Larry Summers

The economy is growing at a 1.4 percent rate this year, the Fed is still printing money, and we're still combing the digital bookshelves for the best reads out there. Rally on, Wayne:

Liberals are having a serious cow over the prospect that President Barack Obama might name Larry Summers as the new Federal Reserve chairman. The HuffPo, via Robert Scheer, is completely freaked—which is kind of great. Gag Me With Lawrence Summers

Republicans, of course, have their own problems. This whole sequester thing is starting to not sit so well with some of the rank-and-file. Republican fiscal splits erupt; Rogers rips party leadership on spending cuts

Wednesday, we at NetNet warned you of a dangerous and growing shortfall in corporate pension plans. Thursday morning, the good folks at The Street provide 5 crucial questions to ask about your retirement.

Collateralized debt obligations make for lousy cocktail party banter. Turns out they don't fare so well in jury rooms either, according to Dealbreaker. Fabulous Fab jury not as turned on by talk of CDO's as one might have hoped

You shouldn't Google Glass and drive and you know it. Put down the specs and step away from the car, please. Not content with a war on Internet porn, the U.K. is going to ban Google Glass while driving

And, finally...former Fed governor Robert Heller thinks the economy should be growing in the 3 to 4 percent range. Sigh. The apostasy of it all.'s Katie Holliday reports: US economy should be growing at 3-4%: Former Fed governor

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