CNBC Excerpt: Andrea Day Speaks with Ex-Madam & NYC Comptroller Candidate Kristin Davis



Following is an excerpt from the unofficial transcript of a CNBC interview with ex-madam and NYC Comptroller candidate Kristin Davis today on CNBC's "Power Lunch." All references must be sourced to CNBC.

Andrea Day: Do you think it's ironic at all that you're running for office?

Kristin Davis: I mean I served my time, I paid my debt to society, so and I admitted to what I did, I never tried to place blame or take a scapegoat. It's very different from those who are very abusive to women and force them to do things.

Day: Because on that line, some people may say what you're doing what you did, some people may say these women are abused, why would you want to associate yourself with that..

Davis: You know, there is a very different from a high end agency and a low end agency. A high end agency encourages women to set their own boundaries and really respects women because they're a commodity. A low end agency offers stupid things like GFE,forces women to do things unprotected, unsafe and typically is forced rape and forced sexual servitude.

Day: Do you think there is a huge different between what the Lombardo's did and what you did.

Davis: Huge difference. Number 1, $3,000 for 8 hrs that comes out to be a couple of hundred dollars an hour, I wouldn't even take a call like that, that's disgusting and blatantly telling and advertising that women are ok with unprotected, yes sure they will do this for you unprotected, that's forcing the woman to do something that she probably doesn't want to do.

Day: Can you see how some people might look at you and say 'oh my god' I can't believe she was in that type of business and now she is running for offices?

Davis: I can see where they would say that; however, I served my time, I paid my debt to society,including forfeiting everything I own and rebuilding. And look at what our NY political climate is!? All of the current politicians are corrupt,they all have special interests, they're taking bribes. I am the lesser of all the evils.

Day: Let's talk about your past for a second. Can you bring us inside the world of crime? What really went on there?

Davis: I think it's different, an escort agency, a high end agency sort of operates with a little bit more diplomacy I tried to run my business very pro women.. yes I made a lot of money millions of dollars, I treated the women well, I bought them things like kept the women from being evicted or homelessness, from all kinds of different things, I would never force a woman to do anything and that'show I ran my company. That's very different from a very slime ball agency that forces women to do things, blatantly advertises, is also in bed with the TER, which is, no high end client ever goes onto a review site. I'm sorry, people who have millions of dollars and spends millions of dollars,don't have time reviewing women or reading reviews.

Day: How was our client list different than the Lombardo's?

Davis: I would never take a $3k call for 8 hours, maybe $3k an hour. So there was a very different level of clients. I also was in an age where I went out and found high end clients, I was very picky, I would turn down clients if I didn't think they were right for my girls, so it was a very different day in age, they seem to operate: just we'll take anybody, we'll throw you anywhere, any country, any price, a couple hundred dollars and the girl does what they say.

Day: How do you find high-end clients, and guys lawyers, doctors?

Davis: Well I, was the SVP of a Hedge fund so I know how hedge fund guys operate and where to find them. There's also the culture in New York that's models and bottles, have these high end events or membership only clubs so you can go there and find the type of clients if you're discreet enough and know how to market yourself and to speak with them and eventually they might come over use this agency.

Day: So would people be surprised to see the rest of your client list, any shockers?

Davis: There was over 10k names over the course of the years there was probably 30k.

Day: How did you protect the guys involved?

Davis: I had prior to my arrest, I knew I was going to get arrested, I had saved my client list somewhere where no one but me would know where to find it, so that was protected by me and me alone.

Day: What about the Lombardo's list, do you think..

Davis: It's probably pretty pitiful because they're only paying a couple of hundred dollars an hour and they're also advertising on the back page, which is pretty much the low of the low you can go in the escort agency.. they're client list is probably not very impressive, they probably have one or two decent names, but I don't think it would be impressive.

Davis: $3k a day for 8 hours of work, is less than an attorney makes! $3k an hour would be high end call. My day rate for my girls was $10k to $15k, so 3 or 4 times that amount.

Day: How do you think they ran the business?

Davis: Not intelligently. They had bank accounts with the same name as their agency which is just a red flag, here's my escort agency's bank account. It's not safe for them,and it's not safe for your client and if you're billing your client on a credit card and it comes up as Aphrodite companions and his wife sees that or his work sees that or his roommate sees that, it's tougher.

Davis: The money,offering them the GFE which means unsafe sex, unprotected, my girls would never have done that and I wouldn't have let them do that. If I knew a girl did that then I didn't even want to work with her because that's not safe at all.

Day: How did you find your girls?

Davis: Depends, model's parties, sometimes I actively recruited them, sometimes referrals, at one point just referrals because I had a great reputation, I treated them well.

Day: What did you think when Spitzer joined in?

Davis: I thought it was very telling that he jumped into a race that I've been in since April. either he was misinformed and didn't know or he thinks that it's a weak race and with enough pressure he could kick me off the ballot, silence me, and walk right into a position of power in NY again.

Day: What do you think of someone who might say 'do you have the credentials to do this job?'

Davis: Definitely have the credentials, I spent 10 years as the SVP of a Hedge fund, I understand the goal of comptroller, how to protect people's financial status. My opponents have NO private sector experience, are career politicians, which I think we all know have damaged this city incredibly and something we need to look into some alternate options.

Day: Do you think you have a chance?

Davis: NO. I think it's going to be a very difficult race against someone who has the sort of wealth that Spitzer has, he can pretty much buy the office, knock me off, silence me and for a grass roots campaign and as a Libertarian it's going to be very difficult for us.

Day: Do you think that Spitzer would be good in that office?

Davis: Spitzer is called a steamroller because he does what he wants and just steamrolls over everyone.

Davis: My client list ranged from A-list celebrities and superstars, to hedge fund managers to business owners or titans of corporate America.. nothing ever surprised me.

Day: When you heard about the Lombardo's case what went through your mind?

Davis: I was surprised they weren't given bail. Upon reading the complaint and seeing that they were blatantly advertising unsafe sex, I now see why they are being treated the way that they were.

Davis: While I support the de-criminalization of promoting prostitution because I believe women should be able to do what they want with their body, I do not supporting forcing people to do things.

Davis: If the agency owner is out there saying, 'yes she will do unprotected sex.' that's an entirely different level of business.

Day: How many more are around here?

Davis: It's just a small snippet of what's in NY, there are many agencies at all different price points,many girls. there's a thousand women in NY alone, working at any given time.

Davis: You hear high end, but then you see that they are charging $3k for 8 hours and you break that down, my attorney charges me more than that.

Davis: I think they would be really shocked, they don't shock me.. some of the elected officials, some of the heads of countries..

Day: Big wall st.people?

Davis: Big wall st., we made a lot of money off of Wall st. Hedge fund guys were big clients, traders spend a lot of money, it's sort of their past time they go hand in hand all of this is a recession proof industry and I always thought part of the genius about it is that regardless people are going to spend money on this, one it's a relief for some men, two it's also when they are stressed, they actually want to see somebody that cheers them up so if you have the right girls, you're never really losing any money.

Davis: He's got the client list so I'd be inclined to think that he is probably investigating some of those clients for other crimes. I think something is going to come out, some people are going to be outed, some people are going to get arrested for the crimes their doing, so it's going to be interesting.

Day: So should they be scared?

Davis: Unfortunately, yes.Society as a whole, we never go after the John, we didn't go after Spitzer. The one's that may be involved with drugs, in other illicit activities, such a s money laundering or scheming their companies those people should be scared. In finance, a lot of the guys do a lot of drugs.

Davis: One of my first two weeks as a training assistant, I was asked to book girls. I had no idea what that meant, I called the VIP concierge he laughed, and I figured it out.

Davis: I think Spitzer saw an opportunity, following the other 'Weiner' and jumped into the race. He is already ahead in the polls which is scary and I think he has a very valid chance of winning because what people don't understand is that it's not about him committing a mistake, it's about him committing a crime.It's about the fact that as attorney general he went around arresting people ruining their lives and he committed the same crime and he didn't get held accountable. As governor in 2007, he increased penalties for getting caught using prostitutes from a misdemeanor to a felony and he wasn't held accountable.. that's one of his litany of crimes from illegally financing the Attorney General campaigns.. I mean the man just doesn't care about NY, he cares about himself.

Day: What do you think about this wacky world of politics right now? Sex, Sex and more Sex?

Davis: Well I think I am the least controversial candidate. I'm not out there taking naked pictures of myself and sending them to people. Whatever crime I did commit I've already been held accountable for, so I don't understand why we're ok with politicians who have not rehabilitated themselves.

Davis: It was full of deceit, theft, drama that I could never go through again..

There are some really impressive names, heads of countries who are now dead.. killed.. so those are always strange for me to see and be like, I don't even know what to say.. it seems like the world in which these services live in is all somewhat connected.The woman killed by the craigslist murder worked for me, was a friend of mine for years.

Day: What would you like to say to Spitzer right now?

Davis: I would like to ask him his views on prostitution and if he thinks that he should be held accountable for his crimes. his actions are clearly indicative of some sincere mental instability.

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