Morning Six-Pack: What we're reading Friday

Fabrice Tourre
Mark Wilson | Getty Images
Fabrice Tourre

Friday's big, hopping market event is the government's release of the July nonfarm payrolls count.

Last month, Goldman Sachs chief economist Jan Hatzius was able to Nail the Number with a spot-on 195,000 guesstimate (no, he didn't actually get the prize). This month, so, you know, Goldman's Sven Jari Stehn is doing the guessing, and he puts the count at 200,000.

We here at NetNet have no idea what this month's NFP number will be. What we do know, however, is exactly how many items there are in the Morning Six-Pack:

Fabamundo? Maybe not so much. Fabrice Tourre went down in flames Thursday, as a jury leveled guilty verdicts against the former Goldman Sachs trader on almost all of the civil fraud counts brought against him. Neil Irwin at Wonkblog asks a pretty important question, though: 'Fabulous Fab' Tourre played a bit part in the mortgage crisis. So why is he the only one paying a price?

What are they waiting for? Apple, it seems, has been without a head of its retail operations for 10 months. Not good, according to Ian Sherr and Joann Lublin of The Wall Street Journal. Apple Stores Glow Less Brightly

This just might be the creepiest thing ever: Samsung TVs can be hacked. You can imagine the repercussions. Your TV might be watching you

After that, we need a cool technology story. Here it is: A new wave of computer geniuses is helping ordinary folks manage their money in better and less expensive ways, The Economist reports. Revenge of the nerds: An explosion of start-ups is changing finance for the better

If you haven't noticed, there's a new guy in the Fed sweepstakes, and his name is Don Kohn. Dealbreaker notes Obama having some fun with the Fed race

And, finally ... put down the cancer sticks. NBC's Martha White reports they're hurting your earnings potential. If you want to earn more money, quit smoking

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