Dr. Zadeh, Gummy Smile Surgeon, Offers Surgeries to Correct Gummy Smiles

Parsa Zadeh, DDS

Beverly Hills, CA, Aug. 2, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Parsa Zadeh, Beverly Hills gummy smile expert, offers a Gum lift procedure to remedy gummy smiles. The Gum lift procedure is a collection of surgical and cosmetic dental solutions for addressing the specific causes of a patient's gummy smile. Contact Dr. Zadeh's office to inquire about gummy smile cost and financing options available.

A gummy smile, or a smile that shows a disproportionate amount of gum line, is difficult to live with. Many patients experience social anxiety and discomfort when smiling in public. These social problems can even spill over into the patient's professional life, costing him or her promotions or other opportunities because of their reluctance to smile or participate fully in the social aspects of their job.

Many patients with gummy smiles avoid seeking treatment because they fear that the gummy smile treatment cost will be greater than what they can afford. This is not necessarily the case. Dr. Zadeh's practice offers special financing options to break the gummy smile procedure cost into smaller, more affordable payments. In addition, the initial consultation is free, allowing patients to find out what it would take to correct their gummy smiles with no cost or obligation.

Dr. Zadeh became the region's premiere gummy smile surgeon through years of intensive training and hands-on practice. He earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 1984 through the College of Dental Surgery, Manipal. He has over 25 years of experience practicing cosmetic dentistry as well as teaching cosmetic dental techniques to other dentists. Dr. Zadeh completes countless hours of continuing education courses each year to develop his knowledge of diagnostic and surgical techniques, which helps him stay on the forefront of the most current cosmetic dental procedures. Because of his commitment to continuing education, he was awarded Master status from the Academy of General Dentistry, a distinction only given to the handful of dentists who complete more than 1,100 hours of continuing education courses.

Contact Dr. Zadeh's office to schedule a free consultation and learn more about gummy smile surgery cost and financing options. Dr. Zadeh and his skilled staff look forward to helping new patients achieve the even, well-balanced smile they have always wanted.

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Source:Parsa Zadeh, DDS