Internet Marketing Company, Avital Web, Offers Free SEO Analysis

Los Angeles, CA, Aug. 2, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Internet marketing company Avital Web is now offering free SEO analysis services. The right SEO strategy can help websites soar in the search engine rankings, attract new clients and build a stronger online reputation. Avital Web offers online marketing, dental marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click, web design and mobile web design services.

Avital Web is a top SEO company that is committed to providing the kind of innovative services that are needed in today's highly competitive field of online marketing. Search engine optimization can be an extremely complicated business. The major search engines adjust their algorithms multiple times a year and even several times a day in some cases. Staying current on these changes is essential to maintaining a competitive edge.

A free SEO analysis can provide businesses with critical information about their websites. Link-building campaigns may play a role in this analysis. While many businesses feature links on their web pages, some of those links may be broken or of a poor quality. These links can detract from rather than add to the quality of a site.

Many businesses can also benefit from the additional insight an SEO analysis provides. They can learn new ways of reaching out to and interacting with potential and current clients, and they can develop new options for building their brands and strengthening their online reputations.

The majority of Internet users research products online before purchasing them, and a large percentage of mobile web users use their devices to access information about products and services or compare prices and features. Tapping into this market with a mobile website can help businesses expand their audiences even further.

Avital Web may offer a range of suggestions for enhancing or promoting sites using the information gleaned from a free SEO analysis. They will identify weak areas and areas in which businesses can strengthen and enhance their web presences. They may even provide valuable information about mobile site design and how it can help boost business. Avital Web has a proven record of success and has helped many dentists and other professionals reach the first page of Google's search results and even the top three spots.

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