Portsmouth Veterinarians Recommend Pet Boarding for Summer Travel

PORTSMOUTH, Va., Aug. 4, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pet owners who will be traveling this summer should consider boarding their pets for the duration of the trip, advise the Portsmouth veterinarians at Churchland Animal Clinic. Long road trips and or airline travel can be stressful and difficult for pets, warns the hospital's veterinary care team. Pet boarding at a veterinary hospital is a safe alternative to traveling with pets. In order to ensure pets have space at a boarding facility, pet owners should make reservations as soon as they confirm their travel plans.

With the summer travel season well under way, the veterinary care team at Churchland Animal Clinic is reminding pet owners about the benefits of pet boarding.

The pet care team cautions that traveling with pets can be more difficult than pet owners initially anticipate. Pets are typically happier and experience less stress when boarded at a veterinary hospital.

"While pets may be fine on a short road trip, extended periods of travel can be very stressful," says the Portsmouth veterinary care team. "Subjecting pets to a long road trip or an airline flight can cause anxiety and behavioral problems. Air travel can be especially difficult for pets that are placed in the cargo hold."

High temperatures inside the cargo hold of planes can cause heat stroke and death for pets. Pets may also be left for extended periods waiting on the runway with limited access to water or an opportunity to use the bathroom, while many hotels do not have the proper accommodations to keep pets. Rather than placing a pet's life at risk with summer travel, the Churchland Animal Clinic vet care team is urging pet owners to consider dog boarding and cat boarding.

Cat and dog boarding at a veterinary hospital is also safer than leaving pets home alone, say the veterinary team. Even if a neighbor occasionally checks on a pet, animals that are used to constant companionship can become confused, anxious and stressed. Pets may try to escape from the house or damage furniture.

In contrast, boarding provides pets with constant care and a consistent routine. The kennel staff at veterinary hospitals is also trained to provide personalized pet care for pets with special dietary or medical needs.

"Dog and cat boarding at a veterinary hospital provides safety and convenience," says the Churchland Animal Clinic pet care team. "Dogs, for example, benefit from companionship, exercise and supervised play with other friendly dogs. Cats can enjoy the quiet and privacy of their own space and regular interaction, as desired."

Since pet boarding facilities book up early, pet owners who are interested in dog boarding or cat boarding should make their reservations as early as possible. Churchland Animal Clinic provides pet wellness care, pet surgery, vaccinations, and boarding.

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