Foresight Research: For an Effective Dealer Experience -- Volvo and Lincoln Top the Luxury Brands While Buick and Hyundai Top Non Luxury Brands

ROCHESTER, Mich., Aug. 5, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Based on Foresight Research's 2013 Dealership Report©, Volvo and Lincoln are the top two luxury brands having dealerships that are effective at influencing the purchase. Cadillac, Lexus, Acura and Mercedes-Benz follow close behind. Among non-luxury brands, Buick and Hyundai dealerships are most influential to their buyers, although Nissan and GMC are also very much in the running. The luxury brands reflect today's typical buyer mix with older, more experienced buyers having higher dealership expectations. But, there are also star performers among the higher volume brands.

Foresight Research Found:

  • Of 17 different automotive marketing communication channels analyzed in this study, none are more influential to the purchase decisions of new car and truck buyers than the dealership experience (with the sole exception of prior brand experience). 49% of all buyers this past year report that their dealership experience was highly influential to their decision to purchase the vehicle they did.
  • Automotive forecasters believe that older buyers will continue to dominate the new car market for a least a few years, while younger buyers will slowly but steadily enter the market as the economy and job markets continue to recover.
  • Younger buyers (many of them first time buyers) bring a narrower set of expectations into their buying process. These buyers want and need dealer assistance, yet one-in-four say their dealership experience took too long.
  • Buyers aged 35-54 (representing more than one-third of current buyers) reflect a mixture of their younger and older counterparts. Like younger buyers, they are very concerned with getting a good price/deal, and financing options. Yet like older buyers, they have high expectations of their dealer experience.
  • Throughout recent years of tremendous upheaval in the auto industry, the influence of the dealership experience has remained stable, while the influence of many other communication channels declined.
  • The report also includes a look at changes in the dealership experience that buyers are seeking.

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