Exploitation Permit Approved at Casablanca Mining's Los Pinos Gold Mine

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 6, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CASABLANCA MINING (OTCQX: CUAU) announced today that the Exploitation Permit has been approved at its Los Pinos hard rock gold mine in Chile. German Mieres, the mine's manager, has provided a July 2013 production update. Click here to read the Spanish version of the document and see pictures:


The report describes how the mining team completed the ventilation shaft necessary for the approval of the Exploitation Permit, which is required for the gold bearing raw material to be sold to ENAMI. The Company will begin selling its raw material this month.

In the area of the mine that is currently being exploited the team has discovered 33 meters of vein and took 9 samples averaging approximately 24.4 Au (g/T). The width of the vein is 50 centimeters. This area that is being worked now is named "Block A" and is approximately 1,039.5 tons of raw material.

The team is advancing 54 meters into a region of the mine named "Block B" and "Block C" at a rate of 2 meters per day. The vein in this area is measuring approximately 80 centimeters in width. Block B and Block C are approximately 21 meters in height and 54 meters in length with expected concentration of 24.4 Au (g/T). Block B and Block C are estimated at 3,401.6 tons combined.

"We are very happy to have our Exploitation Permit approved and to have our mining plan in action," said Juan Carlos Camus, Casablanca Mining's CEO. "Los Pinos can now begin selling the raw material that has accumulated during the exploration phase and continue to do so as we go deeper into the mine," he added.

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